Diploma in IT Students Develop Presidents’ Trail App

On 14 June, The Istana launched the Presidents’ Trail, a mobile app which students from the Diploma in IT helped develop together with students from Yusof Ishak Secondary School. This app enables users to discover information about the background, interests and passions of Singapore’s Presidents. 

Five students from the Diploma in IT worked on the storyboard, quizzes and ideas for the activities. They also captured photos and created videos which are used in the app. This project was commissioned by The Istana and done in collaboration with students from Yusof Ishak Secondary School and LDR Pte Ltd (a location-based mobile app provider). For example, when one walks inside the Esplanade on the Presidents' Trail, the app will push out a story about Mr Ong Teng Cheong. Users are also given a list of suggestions on things to do, such as learning about the Esplanade's story through information panels on its walls, visiting its library and enjoying its art and music.

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