A CET Milestone Reached

Like the majority of working adults, Serene Chan Soo Leng, 49, was hesitant to take a risk on back-to-school commitments. The fear of change and challenges preceded her thoughts as she weighed her options on enrolling in a course.

“Time waits for nobody and sometimes we have to beat that fear, change our mindset and persevere,” she said. “Just go for it!”

Two and a half years later, Mrs. Chan sits with us, a broad grin across her face as she rejoices in her recent graduation from Temasek Polytechnic (TP). She had enroled in the Continuous Education Training (CET) course and now attained her Diploma in Business Practice (Business Administration), no less a 4.0 GPA.

Mrs. Chan was keen on learning more about management as well as current trends and technology. As a current TP staff from the Centre for Foundation Studies, she has received a considerable amount of support from her team to pursue her learning.

“No doubt it was challenging,” she said. “I wanted to upgrade myself and be an example for my sons.”

Seeing their mother study late into the nights and on weekends motivated both her sons to do their own revisions. Her older son recently graduated from his diploma education and her younger son is pursuing his ITE education. They have since taken their own initiatives to focus more on school.

Mrs. Chan is a believer of lifelong learning. Her CET course gave her the opportunity to improve and upgrade her skills, allowing her to perform her job better. Furthermore, the course is compact and provided her training to sharpen her skills in her relevant industry. Being current in the digital and technological realm was one of her achieved goals.

“It’s wonderful to be a student again,” she said. “The class was energetic, motivating and everyone was eager to take away something valuable from this.”

Feeling accomplished that she graduated, Mrs. Chan encourages everyone to take that first step.

“I feel exhilarated now!” “I’ve set a milestone and finally reached it.”

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