Learning Academy (LA)

The Learning Academy (LA) bears testimony to Temasek Polytechnic’s (TP) commitment to staff capability development. The Academy develops and conducts professional development programmes for TP’s staff in areas such as learning-teaching, e-learning and leadership. It also provides opportunities for continuing professional development through learning events ranging from small team discussions to international conferences. For example, at the annual LA Fest, noted academics are invited to deliver keynote addresses on key trends in learning-teaching. In 2015, TP organised the International Conference on Learning & Teaching as part of its 25th anniversary celebrations. The event boasted of six internationally renowned speakers and was well attended by more than 550 local and overseas delegates.

The Learning Academy’s work encompasses the areas of general learning-teaching, e-learning, problem-based learning and more.  Research, mentoring and leadership are also integral areas in TP’s staff professional development. In addition, there are two centres focusing on pedagogy, namely the Centre for Practice-Based & Skills Education (PSE) and the Centre for Technology-Enhanced Education (TEE).


Temasek Polytechnic’s Pedagogy

TP has articulated a pedagogical model that sharpens the focus on providing authentic learning. With practices aligned with the industry, collaboration with industry partners and simulated work environments, students are able to apply their learning to real work contexts.

TP’s Practice-Based Pedagogical Model (below) comprises TP’s key pedagogies of problem-based learning (PBL) and e-learning, as well as other relevant pedagogical practices such as project-based learning, experiential learning and inquiry-based learning.

This provides students with the knowledge, skills and values that enable them to embrace the challenges of a dynamic world of work.