TP is pleased to offer the Diploma (Conversion) in Digital Advertising Technology & Analytics. This diploma (conversion) is made up of 2 Post-Diploma Certificates (PDCs) in:

• Digital Advertising Technology
• Digital Advertising Analytics

Each PDC is aimed at providing learners with skills in core domain areas, and it can be completed in 6 months (or 1 semester). A learner would be awarded a TP Diploma (Conversion) in Digital Advertising Technology & Analytics upon accumulation of the 2 PDCs. This typically takes 1 year.

A learner would also obtain Statements of Attainment (SOAs) under the National Infocomm Competency Framework (NICF):

  • IT-BD-401S-1: Analyse Marketing Strategy

Course Details

Course Synopsis

The course aims to produce skilled creative technologists who are able to support the technical demands of the Digital Advertising industry, and who are able to acquire knowledge and skills relevant to their profession.

Graduates of the course should be able to:

a) understand and apply digital marketing concepts and techniques to digital marketing campaigns;
b) understand the data collection and analysis techniques used by digital marketers to gather, store and create information from large data sets;
c) understand the application of mobile platforms to the development and deployment of digital advertising applications and services;
d) apply search engine marketing techniques to online campaigns, and optimise web sites for search engine visibility and ranking.

Modes of Assessment

Assessment is based on 100% coursework. It will consist of continuous assessment components, with a range of coursework assignments.

Commencement Date


Application Period


Career Opportunities

Upon graduating from the course, graduates would enhance their strength to apply for digital marketing and advertising positions, such as those described in the Singapore Workforce Development Agency’s Direct & Interactive Marketing Competency Map:

a) Web Designer
b) Web Data Analyst
c) Developer (Interactive Media)
d) Social Media Executive
e) Social Media Associate


6 months (For each PDC)

Course Fees

Course Fee Per Post-Diploma Certificate

Workfare Training Scheme (WTS): 


SME Sponsored Singapore Citizens:


Singapore Citizens: $5001

Singapore PRs:




(nett fee payable inclusive of GST)

1 Singapore Citizen trainees can enjoy MOE subsidies for their Post-Diploma courses at the prevailing funding rate of 85%. MOE subsidy will not be applicable for students who repeat a module or semester. 

2 Singapore Permanent Resident trainees can enjoy a one-time MOE subsidy for their Post-Diploma courses at the prevailing funding rate of 60%.


Rates are subject to yearly review.


Fee is payable on a semester basis.

Entry Requirements

Minimum Entry Requirements

  • The minimum entry requirement is a Polytechnic diploma.
  • Holders of other equivalent academic qualifications from foreign institutions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Course Structure

To be awarded the Diploma (Conversion) in Digital Advertising Technology & Analytics, students are required to complete a total of 2 Post-Diploma Certificates (PDCs).

Post-Diploma Certificate (PDC) in Digital Advertising Technology

Subject code Subject LevelCredit Units

This subject introduces basic digital advertising concepts as part of the overall marketing mix, with an emphasis on using technology to meet marketing goals. Various digital advertising platforms and channels will be discussed, exploring how these can be used to communicate effectively with customers across different domains.


This subject addresses the technical aspects of mobile advertising, focusing on four key areas: mobile ad distribution; mobile ad consumption; mobile ad services, tools, applications, and emerging technologies; and technical considerations for mobile ad creation. Students will learn the various stages of a mobile advertising campaign, including audience segmentation, ad creation, delivery, and display.

Post-Diploma Certificate (PDC) in Digital Advertising Analytics

Subject code Subject LevelCredit Units

This subject enables students to apply high-level data modelling skills to the analysis, visualisation and interpretation of web and social network related data. Students will understand how to model information flows in social networks, and how this can be used to enhance the effectiveness of a company’s social network strategy.


This subject enables students to analyse, optimise and design websites in relation to various search engine metrics. Basic HTML, advanced scripting (introduced in Web & Social Network Analytics), and search engine optimisation tools will also be covered.

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