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Some don’t even know where Poland is on the world map, yet four lucky Product & Industrial Design students from TP found themselves in Koszalin, a city in north-western Poland, getting inspired by the people and landscape, and even picking up some Polish! Join us as we catch a peek into what Dinah, Mun Ting, Wen Da and Jamie were up to in the three months they were in far-off Poland.

Why Poland?

Internship, at the Koszalin University of Technology (yup… so lucky!)

The mission?

Get inspired by the local culture and then create furniture pieces that reflect their interpretation of it.
In between the hard work, there were many memorable moments for these four, such as when they visited Berlin and missed their train on the way back; when Dinah’s mom came over for Hari Raya; experiencing the local cuisine; and having to draw on paper as a form of communication because English isn’t so widely used there. However, the most gratifying moment was when their supervisors spoke of how impressed they were by these young students’ great designs!

First month:

Getting inspired by touring around Poland - from visiting museums to traveling across sand dunes - and learning traditional Polish handcrafts.

Second and third months:

Tourists-no-more. Sketching, prototyping and presenting to the design faculty at the University...

And the outcome of their time in Poland? Here are a couple of them: