5 - 7 January 2017


Come on down to TP Openhouse and get yours today

Frozen desserts proudly manufactured by our own students

Don’t miss out on these exciting activities!

Yes, the campus IS huge. But fret not, just hop on a Campus Tour Bus to get to the next place you’re keen to explore. See the pick-up points labelled A to H.


Try out DNA fingerprinting and see if you can link the suspect to the evidence found at the scene of the crime. Plus, test for the presence of drugs – with magical, colour-changing solutions!


If you are keen on winning some exclusive prizes (whilst stocks last) in our mobile photography contest, come visit and take photos of our facilities! We’ll tell you more during your visit ok?


Get blown away by the works from our design students when you watch their creations rock the runway at a live fashion show, and their amazing visual stories take centre stage at a movie screening.


Immerse yourself in 3D Virtual Reality tours of a giant aquarium and safari park and watch the world around you come to life!


Play our exciting and immersive Virtual Reality game, ‘Tower Power’! Who would you be? The giant towering being who can move towers around or the sword-wielding hero?


Debunk the myths related to ageing through activities such as the use of an ‘Age Desensitisation Kit’ that show how an older adult feels in their daily activities. Also, explore the fun games that engages a pre-schooler’s mind!


Practice your hand-eye coordination with traditional games like chapteh and 5-stones. Art lovers can also look forward to a Chinese calligraphy exhibition and be a part of live Playback Theatre performances too!


Get up close and personal with a real life Hawker Siddeley 700A private jet – the kind used to fly Heads of States on their official visits around the world!


Step inside our modern food & beverage complex that’s equipped with all sorts of state-of-the-art culinary equipment. Eat your hearts out, MasterChef fans!


THURSDAY, 5/1/2017
Time School
12 – 12:40PM Business
1 – 1:40PM Informatics & IT
2 – 2:40PM Design
3 – 3:40PM Engineering
4 – 4:40PM Applied Science
5 – 5:40PM Humanities & Social Sciences

FRIDAY, 6/1/2017
Time School
12 – 12:40PM Engineering
1 – 1:40PM Applied Science
2 – 2:40PM Humanities & Social Sciences
3 – 3:40PM Business
4 – 4:40PM Informatics & IT
5 – 5:40PM Design

For N-level students, if you’re interested to find out more about TP’s Polytechnic Foundation Programme, please speak to our counsellors at the Course Counselling Area.

School of Applied Science

Delve into the wonders of the human body or immerse yourself in the culinary arts by sampling food from all over the world! The possibilities are endless at the School of Applied Science!

Our Full-Time Diploma Courses:

School of Business

Look no further, the School of Business has just the right courses for you. Become the next big entrepreneur and influence nations and cultures with your ideas!

Our Full-Time Diploma Courses:

School of Design

Translate your ideas into sketches and see your designs come to life at the School of Design. You might find yourself working beside design luminaries of the world.

Our Full-Time Diploma Courses:

School of Humanities & Social Sciences

At the School of Humanities & Social Sciences, humans take centre stage. Whether it’s learning more about the human mind or working with both the young and the elderly, you are bound to find it here!

Our Full-Time Diploma Courses:

School of Informatics & IT

Over the past few years, the internet has been touted as the most popular source of information. The IT industry is booming, so why not get online with us here at the School of Informatics & IT!

Our Full-Time Diploma Courses:

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6788 2000

For General Enquiries

6788 2000
(8.30am to 6.00pm, Mondays to Fridays)

Temasek Polytechnic

Temasek Convention Centre
21 Tampines Avenue 1
Singapore 529757

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Tampines Loop Service

Pick-up: Outside Tampines 1, next to the taxi stand (Tampines MRT, Exit B)

Pickup Time

5 - 7 Jan, 10.00am - 4.00pm
(at 15 mins interval)

Click here for bus timings


  • Alight @ Tampines MRT Station, and transfer to Bus 8, 23, or 69 at the Tampines Bus Interchange
  • Alight @ Bedok MRT Station, and transfer to Bus 69 at the Bedok Bus Interchange

By Bus

These are the buses serving TP:

  • BUS 8 from Tampines Interchange/Toa Payoh Interchange
  • BUS 15 from Eunos Interchange/Paris Ris Interchange
  • BUS 23 from Tampines Interchange, looping from Rochor Canal Road
  • BUS 69 from Tampines Interchange/Bedok Interchange
  • BUS 118 from Changi Business Park Bus Terminal/Punggol Temporary Interchange
  • BUS 129 from St Michael's Terminal/Tampines Concourse Interchange
  • BUS 518 from Pasir Ris Interchange, looping from Orchard Road
  • Get off the expressway from Exit 4B into Tampines North Flyover
  • Go straight into Simei Avenue
  • Turn left into Tampines Avenue 1
  • Get off the expressway from Exit 8B (Bedok Reservoir)
  • Go straight into Bedok North Road and then into Tampines Avenue 10
  • Turn right into Tampines Ave 1
  • Turn into Xilin Avenue towards Simei Avenue
  • Turn left into Tampines Ave 1
  • Come out from Exit 5 into Tampines Ave 10
  • Turn left into Tampines Ave 1
Parking Charges
Motor Vehicles $0.017 per minute
Motorcycles $0.65 per entry

There is a 15 minutes Grace Period for all vehicles. Parking facilities are available during the polytechnic’s operational hours:

Campus opening hours
Mondays to Fridays: 0630 - 2230hrs
Saturdays: 0630 - 1800hrs

Beyond these hours, the campus is closed to members of the public, including Sundays and Public Holidays. Students’ and alumni’s vehicles may be allowed to enter the campus if they have valid reasons or prior approvals to do so, however parking charges will still apply.

Car park lots marked RED are designated for staff members only, while lots marked WHITE are for all motorists including staff, students, visitors and members of the public, etc. The limited numbers of YELLOW lots are strictly reserved for official guests only.

Students, visitors and members of the public are not allowed to park their vehicles in RED lots. Action will be taken against errant motorists, including wheel clamping.

Note: Overnight parking is not allowed.