Diploma in Leisure & Events Management (T61)

2017 Planned Intake: 175 JAE 2017 Last Aggregate Score: 18

Previously known as the Diploma in Leisure & Resort Management, the change in name to Diploma in Leisure & Events Management will help us further entrench in the area of leisure and events management education.

Over the years, Singapore has hosted key events, signalling our continued popularity as a Meetings, Incentives, Conventions & Exhibitions (MICE) destination and more. The heavier emphasis on events management will help signal our focus and maintain top of mind consciousness. Similarly, the revised course structure will provide better clarity on the focus of the diploma by enhancing existing subjects and introducing new ones that are related to the fields of leisure and events management.

The diploma will also occupy a niche not offered by other polytechnics. The current offerings are wholly hospitality, tourism, wellness or events based with no other diploma offering a dual focus in Leisure and Events.

 The outlook for the tourism industry continues to be challenging and competitive. As such, the dual focus of the Diploma in Leisure & Events Management (LEM) is increasingly important and relevant to ensure that our LEM graduates are ready to contribute towards making Singapore an exciting and vibrant destination, poised for future growth. With the emphasis on MICE and experiential learning, they will be able to take on the impending challenges and excel in the industry,for now and for years to come.
—  Lim Suat Jien
     General Manager
     Sentosa Leisure Management


What you will learn

  • General Business Management Skills

    General Business Management Skills

    The Freshman year curriculum is oriented towards a fundamental understanding of the business environment and acquiring basic business skills and concepts.
  • Broad Spectrum of Leisure Management Skills

    Broad Spectrum of Leisure & Events Management Skills

    Students will learn the fundamentals of the leisure and events management industry and be exposed to generic service skills such as service methodology and business etiquette. They will also be introduced to key pillars of the Leisure and Events Management industry such as Attractions, Festivals and Events Management, Meetings, Incentives, Conventions & Exhibitions (MICE) industry and Sports & Arts Business.
  • Focus on Key Sectors of the Leisure Industry

    Focus on Key Sectors of the Leisure Industry

    Apart from in-depth industry training either locally or overseas through the Student Internship Programme, students will be exposed to the other key components of the leisure industry such as Spa & Wellness Management, Cruise Business and Club Management. These trainings will be supplemented by site visits, industry guest lectures, overseas study trips and various experiential activities.

Notable Features

  • A course that provides specialisations in Events Management, Spa & Wellness, Cruise, Attractions, Clubs, MICE, Sports & Arts business, turning fun into a serious business for you!
  • Enjoy experiential learning – from industry projects, guest speakers to field trips and overseas exposure for events and internship.
  • A first of its kind, this diploma offers a dual focus in Leisure and Events.

Career Prospects

The Diploma in Leisure & Events Management graduates will have undergone training which suitably prepares them for wide-ranging career options with special emphasis on the leisure, events management, meetings and meetings industries. As a graduate, you will have the opportunity to assume a junior executive position in workplaces upon graduation, and will readily find employment in leisure-related business such as hotels, resorts, clubs, spas, exhibitions and conventions, and events management companies.

Some of the positions include:

• Attractions Marketing & Operations Executive
• Club Management & Operations Executive
• Cruise Management & Operations Executive
• Leisure Management Executive
• Meetings & Events Project Executive
• National Tourism Organisation Executive
• Spa Management Executive
• Sports and/or Arts Marketing & Operations Executive

Further Education

While many of our graduates join the workforce or start his/her own business upon graduation, others move on to pursue their further studies, either locally or overseas. Many of our alumni have done us proud in local universities such as NUS, NTU and SMU. In terms of overseas universities, we have also seen our students shine in universities in Australia, Britain, America as well as Canada.

To know more about the degree you can pursue and the advanced standing granted by the various universities, please click this link to access diploma to degree for guidance.

Entry Requirements

Minimum Entry Requirements

English Language (EL1)* Grades 1-6
Mathematics (E or A) Grades 1-6
Any three other subjects, excluding CCA Grades 1-6

To be eligible for selection, you must also have sat for at least one of the following subjects: Art/Art & Design, Business Studies, Combined Humanities, Commerce, Commercial Studies, Economics, Geography, History, Higher Art, Higher Music, Introduction to Enterprise Development, Literature in English/ Chinese/Malay/Tamil, Media Studies (English/Chinese Language), Music, Principles of Accounts.

See also the minimum entry requirements for:

Course Structure

TP Core Subjects

Subject code Subject LevelCredit Units

The subject will give you an overview of report writing and presentation skills. In report writing, you will learn about the different types of reports and how to put together a complete business report using the appropriate language and format. In terms of presentation skills, you will learn how to prepare and deliver an effective oral presentation.


This subject aims to equip you with the communication skills that are vital for your success at the work place. You will learn the skills of conducting yourself professionally in different formal business situations. You will also learn how to deal with cross-cultural situations and acquire networking skills. Additionally, you will develop skills in writing different types of business documents such as agenda, notice of meeting and minutes of meeting.


The subject provides you with the relevant business correspondence skills for internal communication with company staff, and external communication with business partners. You will study business writing skills such as writing emails, memos and letters for inter-office and intra-office communication. You will also learn how to write job application letters and resumes, and conduct yourself appropriately at job interviews.


This subject focuses on self-leadership and personal effectiveness. It provides a platform for students to discover and understand themselves in terms of their personalities, values and mission and to build their ‘Logical Quotient’. It lays the foundation for students to make leadership decisions based on the ‘Golden End’ and ‘Consequential Thinking’. It helps the students to listen to the inner self and to express their personal thoughts and ideas.


This subject focuses on team-leadership, followership and team effectiveness. It provides a platform for students to build their ‘Emotional Quotient’, relate to peers and manage team conflicts. It lays the foundation for students to make leadership decisions based on a ‘Win-Win Attitude”. It helps students to make meaningful conversations and to articulate their vision.


This subject focuses on service to others. It provides a platform for students to understand themselves better and to make responsible choices in life and to build their ‘Community Quotient’. It lays the foundation for students to make leadership decisions based on ‘Ethical Judgement’ and ‘Moral Courage’. It helps students to build trust and credibility in their communication with others and in the community.


The Student Internship Programme is designed to give you first hand experience of the work environment. It will provide an opportunity for learning through the application of the skills sets, techniques and classroom knowledge gained to real life situations. All students must undertake a project that is beneficial to the company they are placed in.


Diploma Subjects - Core Subjects

Subject code Subject LevelCredit Units

This subject covers the key management functions of planning, organising, leading and controlling. The subject addresses the impact of environmental factors that affect business, the relevance of corporate social responsibility and business ethics, and international management in an organisation. It emphasises the roles, responsibilities and challenges faced by supervisors/managers in an organisation.


This subject will provide students with an understanding and overview of revenue management that is pertinent and practiced in the leisure industry. This will include areas such as convention centres, golf clubs, cruises, spas and theme parks. The coverage will include basic concepts such as demand forecasting and yield management, similarities and strategies and tactics used by the leisure industry with regards to revenue management. 


This subject covers the basic concepts of entrepreneurship. It examines the traits of successful entrepreneurs and the basic elements of generating new business ideas in a Polytechnic setting. This subject describes and explains the concepts of entrepreneurship, market/customer analysis, as well as the product conceptualisation process that are critical in the preparation of a basic business plan.


This subject will provide students with the opportunities to learn a variety of sponsorship and marketing strategies applied in the event sector through the use of case-studies. Students will be exposed to the theories and concepts applied in sponsorship and marketing, which is a vital component of contemporary event management. This module also aims to develop students’ presentation, planning and business skills that are required to secure successful partnership and collaborations.


The subject provides an introduction to the key determinants of human behaviour at the individual, group and organisational levels. The subject addresses the impact of personality, perception, motivation and behaviour modification at the individual level. It emphasises the roles of conflict management, group dynamics, leadership, power and politics at the group level as well as the influence of organisational system variables at the organisational level.


This subject covers the fundamental concepts about information processing in business. Strong emphasis would be placed on building up the basic foundation in computer technology and the application of relevant knowledge and concepts. Laboratory hands-on to relevant software will cover advanced features in office tools and how these can aid in decision making as well as solving business problems.


This subject introduces you to fundamentals in food and beverage science, which is essential knowledge in the catering business. You will learn about the various types of food, including the selection of food, and current food trends as well as the different types of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Essential knowledge on food nutrition and correct hygiene practices are also covered.


This subject provides an understanding of the broad framework of microeconomic analysis. Conceptual tools of economic analysis such as scarcity, demand and supply will be introduced, followed by a study of consumer behaviour, product market and resource market.


This subject provides an understanding of the broad framework of macroeconomic analysis. The equilibrium level of national income, business cycle, unemployment, inflation and monetary and fiscal policies will be discussed, followed by a study of international trade.


This subject aims to provide you with an overview of the multi-faceted nature of the hospitality and tourism industry.  You will gain an insight into how the key sectors are organised and structured and how they relate to each other as an industry. You will also be introduced to the concept of tourism demands and tourism consumer behaviour. Finally, you will gain an appreciation of the trends, issues and challenges facing the industry.


The subject provides you with the basic understanding of statistics and research techniques. You will learn to formulate a research problem, apply to the hospitality and tourism industry, and to validate information sources that are useful in the solution of the problem. The subject also covers basic research theories, variety of quantitative as well as qualitative techniques used in the collection, analysis, interpretation and presentation of research findings. It also introduces research-related software.


This subject focuses on two areas, the soft skills aspects of business and customer service.  The former illustrates the importance of appropriate dressing, dining etiquette, cross cultural psychology and skills necessary to make the transition from education to the work place.   The latter (service excellence) grooms students to be practical philosophers of customer service.  Students will be challenged to look beyond the service norms to achieve service of a much higher level.


This subject explains and illustrates the accounting process and practices in hospitality and tourism establishments. You will learn double-entry bookkeeping and the preparation of financial statements.


This subject affords you first-hand experience in operating outlets that provide guests with information, products and services. In the process, you will learn how to provide excellent service to guests in retail, guest relations, attractions and food and beverage environments. This will be carried out with a focus on maximising guest satisfaction.


This subject will cover basic theories, concepts, and strategies applied in the marketing of hospitality and tourism products. Special attention will be given to marketing management issues surrounding the intangible nature of these products with key emphasis being placed on the importance of the service element.


The study of the various types of visitor attractions, their unique characteristics and corresponding management and operational concerns will form the backbone of this subject. The linkage between attractions and their importance to the tourism industry will also be discussed. Case studies of the various types of attractions around the world will be used as platforms for discussing the various management issues facing the attractions industry.


You will be introduced to a variety of theories, concepts, and strategies applied in the context of meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions (MICE). The subject aims to equip you with an awareness of the diversity of meetings and their roles and contributions in enhancing tourism and destination development.  It provides you with a broad understanding of the planning process for MICE activities and the different relationships between industry parties involved.


The subject introduces you to the scope and the operational aspects of events in the context of the tourism industry. To achieve this, you will be introduced to knowledge involved in the planning, development, programming and production of medium and large scale events. Key topics such as the type, importance of events for the leisure and tourism sectors, marketing, human resource management, and budgeting and staging will be examined.


This subject covers the study of different types of private clubs including city, country, and other recreational and social clubs. It focuses on the administration and management of private club operations in the areas of lodging, food and beverage, management of service excellence and quality issues, financial management, marketing, events planning, recreation, sport and fitness facilities management. The subject emphasises the development of technical and conceptual skills for successful club management.


The cruise industry is a growing global business whose organisation and structure provides unique challenges in terms of its management. This subject will cover the historical development and growth of the modern cruise industry, as well as its characteristics. You will gain an understanding of the cruise product and the principles of cruise marketing with emphasis on the various marketing profiles of the cruise product.


This subject will introduce students to the scope of sports and arts business concepts and their application in the context of the leisure industry. Students will be equipped with perspectives on the role of sports and arts as key sectors of the leisure industry. Students will be introduced to sports broadcasting and sport media relations, and perspectives will be shared on the bidding for major events, and also from a grassroots perspective of organising recreational sports programs. Students will also learn about the strategic stakeholders in the arts, and applying business concepts to the field of arts. 


This subject outlines the management and operations of a spa business. It covers an overview of the different types of spas and their unique programmes, including the various spa treatment therapies and protocols available, spa elements, design, marketing, human resource management, retailing, housekeeping and maintenance. You will also learn about the dynamics of the spa industry, and discuss issues and trends including identifying the key industry players in Singapore and the world.


Diploma Subjects - Elective Subjects

Subject code Subject LevelCredit Units

The subject covers topics such as algebraic functions, limits, exponential functions, logarithm functions, and the various rules and techniques of differentiation and integration to solve problems in the business environment.


This subject provides you with basic culinary and catering knowledge and skills, and the opportunity to apply these through operating a commercial kitchen.  You will learn the key aspects of kitchen operations which include: professionalism, safety and sanitation, kitchen equipment operation, technical Western culinary skills and teamwork.


The subject looks at reservation and ticketing of air products. You will be given an insight into how an itinerary is priced and tickets are issued. Learning will be done using a global distribution system programme such as the Amadeus. The subject also provides you with some basic knowledge of the airline and travel industry. Upon successful completion, you will be issued with the Certificate in Reservation and Ticketing that is recognised by the industry.


The subject is designed to provide an overview of gaming operations. Key topics include the development of gaming, gaming trends, technology, gaming hotel and resort organisational structure, government regulations, consumer behaviour, marketing strategies, economic impact, social and cultural concerns.


This subject is designed to provide an overview of how tourism will influence and impact upon culture and society. The key areas include heritage and culture as tourism products, the development of identity and place, cultural tourism, and the impact of societal trends on the tourism industry.


This subject highlights how the advent in technology has shaped the hospitality and tourism businesses, and spots the trends in e-businesses. It also focuses on basic concepts and key areas like e-customer relationship management and e-business planning and strategies.


Graduation Requirements

Cumulative Grade Point Average min 1.0
TP Core Subjects 26 credit units
Diploma Subjects
- Core Subjects
- Elective Subjects

83 credit units
min 6 credit units
Cross-Disciplinary Subjects min 9 credit units
Total Credit Units Completed min 124 credit units

Cross-Disciplinary Subjects

Students are required to obtain a minimum of 9 credit units from the list of Cross-Disciplinary Subjects.

Blog Posts

“My IAAPA Experience” by Caselyn Ho

From 21 to 24 June, a group of students from the Diploma in Leisure & Resort Management (LRM) course had the once in-a-lifetime chance to be Show Ambassador at the Asian Attractions Expo 2011, held at the Resorts World Convention Centre.

Caselyn, who’s a year 2 student, wrote a blog post for us talking about her experiences there, and it’s quite the read!


“Hey ya’ll,” will always be the first words that we hear in the morning. That was the catch phrase of the Show Ambassadors’ In-Charge, Douglas Akers a.k.a Doug. We heard it every morning and soon we were greeting each other with it!

Before I proceed with my awesome experience, I guess you must be wondering what IAAPA stands for – the International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions. It held its Asian Attractions Expo in Singapore for the first time, and we were very fortunate to be selected as the Show Ambassadors for this event.

It was held at Resorts World Sentosa at Resorts World Convention Centre, the best place to be volunteering for an event!

19th June was the first day that we stepped into our “Base Camp” – Aries Room. The room was really quiet during the first few hours of the briefing as all of us did not really know each other. There were some from Year 1, Year 2 (including me) and Year 3.  But we were from different classes and I saw several unfamiliar faces.

The next day (20 June) was the training for the Show Ambassadors and even till now, I still do not know how the 20 of us could grow to be so close in just a few days! I guess the training played a huge part because the main activity during the training was a scavenger hunt which brought us closer than we were the day before. Who doesn’t love scavenger hunts? I sure did and it was the best game to break the ice!

Our journey as IAAPA’s Show Ambassadors officially started on 21st June. The job of the ambassadors, or rather, our responsibility was to guide and assist everyone and anyone who was involved in this trade show like the Exhibitors, the Buyers, the Press and many more. As quoted from Doug, who never failed to tell us this each morning, “You guys are the ones running this show!”

The experience of being part of this event was phenomenal because I got to learn so much more about my course (Leisure and Resort Management) and I got to see how trade shows were actually carried out, since it was my first time being in a trade show. The trade show had different booths that showcased all the products and facilities that you see in attractions, for example roller coasters, 3D/4D rides, etc. Anything fun was there!

We were all definitely amazed as we walked through each and every booth on the show floor. The best part was being able to try the products (rides) for free! There was even a booth that was set up specially for our very own school – TP. Not forgetting, there were also ‘Education Seminars’ that educated the attendees on how to be successful in the Attractions Industry. Although it was a ticketed event, I managed to listen to the talk while doing my duty.

Highlights on the most fantastic part as Show Ambassadors:

Free EXPRESS tickets to Universal Studios during the opening night

All of us were running like wild kids when we entered USS because we were so excited!

Young Professionals Night at the Sky Bar in Hotel Michael

A Breathtaking view of RWS.
FREE drinks!

Behind-the-Scenes tour to the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari

We were able to get up close with the endangered species (something that we don’t get to do every other day).
Behind-the-Scenes tour to Resorts World Sentosa (24th June)

We got to see the ‘Presidential Suite’ of Hotel Michael which was enormous.
We saw how “Revenge of the Mummy” was operated – it was really cool to see the mechanics and such.

Of course, the whole event was very tiring as we always end late at night and had to be at RWS early in the morning. Still, it was a great week that left us wanting for more!

I would not mind waking up early for the Asian Attractions Expo all over again if I had another chance. But right now, the next event on my mind is the Singapore Grand Prix 2011! I can’t wait to have another awesome and activity-filled experience once more.


Contact Us

For general enquiries, please contact:

School of Business

  (65) 6788 2000
  (65) 6786 9530


Grace Chia Bee Leng
Course Manager

A graduate from the pioneer batch of Diploma in Tourism Management at TP, Grace was also the gold medallist for outstanding student of the year.

Before furthering her education in Nanyang Technological University where she graduated with Honours, she was working in the travel industry. Her experience ranges from planning and organising incentive and educational tours, sales & marketing to tour operations.

After graduating from the university, she joined the hospitality and food & beverage industry. She has since spearheaded large events such as the annual World Gourmet Summit in collaboration with the Singapore Tourism Board. This award-winning event saw her collaborating with international chefs and winemakers, sourcing for sponsorships and conceptualizing marketing strategies and workflow plans to ensure the smooth running of the national event.

Passionate about serving the community, Grace and her friend had recently set up Project Happy Feet – an organisation that improves the lives of under-privileged children and youths in developing countries by supporting programmes and initiatives that empower children and youths through training and education.

Grace also has a Masters in Business Administration with the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

Tel:6780 5872
Email: gracec@tp.edu.sg

Benjamin Cassim
Section Head

In the course of his 20 year career, Ben has held senior positions in both local and multi-national corporations, working in areas like conference/corporate events management, destination management, marketing solutions management and business consultancy.

The last 12 years of Ben’s corporate experiences involved helping companies manage their marketing activities particularly in corporate events such as product launches, conferences, seminars, exhibitions and incentive trips. His clients include Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, CA, Singapore Airlines, Toshiba, Epson Singapore; as well as government organisations like IDA Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (NUS) and the Ministry of Education.

Ben obtained a Masters in International Hotel and Tourism Management (University of Queensland) and a Bachelor of Business Administration (National University of Singapore). Ben enjoys listening to music, reading, watching the sports channels, and the occasional rounds of golf.

Tel: 6780 4113
Email: benjamin@tp.edu.sg

Maggie Seow
Section Head

Being very much an outdoor and sociable person, Maggie spared no hesitation in joining the hospitality industry upon graduation. She was one of the pioneers in the Marketing team for Star Cruises and took part in launching the first few vessels. She then moved on to undertake an operations role with Orchid Country Club where she manage the facilities as well as developed activities for the Club members.

When the Spa business started to grow in Singapore in the late 1990s, Maggie was quick to pick up this new business sector knowledge with St. Gregory Spas where she held executive positions in both 'Product Development' and 'Operations' before she ventured to develop the spa and fitness club industry in China. Some of the booming Chinese cities she had worked in include Dalian, Shanghai and Chongqing under the banner of properties such as Hilton and JW Marriott.

During her stint in China, it was not all work and no play. Maggie developed an intense interest in Chinese culture and history and she managed to explore most of the provinces in China. In particular, she is amazed by the architectural design of 'The Forbidden City', the discovery of 'The Terra Cotta Warriors' and the spectacular view from 'The Hua Mountain' (featured in many books written by Jing-Yong). For leisure, she enjoys all forms of water based activies.

Maggie graduated from National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Bachelor of Business Administration.

Tel: 6780 5062
Email: magseow@tp.edu.sg

Michael Yeo
Section Head

Michael graduated with a Master in Business Administration (University of Southern Australia), Bachelor in Hospitality & Tourism (RMIT) and a Higher Diploma in Hotel Management (SHATEC).

His 17 years of experience covered the Hospitality, Resort and Cruise Industry.

During the span of his career, he had worked for the former Tokyu chain Hotels – Pan Pacific Hotel, the HK filming Theme Park - Tang Dynasty City and Star Cruises.

With the delivery of the guests’ experience in the Theme Park, he was involved in Sales, Guest Relation, Translation & Interpretation (English/ Chinese/ Japanese), Programming and Park write-ups.

More recently, Michael was the Assistant General Manager at Star Cruises Singapore starting off with the setting up of offices and Regional Marketing to China, Japan, Taiwan & Hong Kong before settling down to Singapore Market.

Cruises was something he enjoyed selling as there are a diverse range of Promotional Activities that could be done like Themed Cruises apart from the daily operational activities like Sales & Marketing, Operation, Accreditation, Internal Auditing, Profit and Loss, Yield management and many others that he hopes to share here.

It has always been Michael’s passion to teach and he has finally achieved his dream.

He hopes to share his various exposures, experiences and learning curves with the “new industry leaders” here and at the same time, hope that he could learn a thing or two from the perspectives of the new generation.

Tel: 6780 6293
Email: mikeyeo@tp.edu.sg

Gan See Siong
Senior Lecturer

Gan See Siong obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the National University of Singapore and an MBA from the University of South Australia.

He has accumulated about 20 years to his credit in the MICE (meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions) industry and has organised numerous exhibitions in Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines and China covering themes as diverse as air-show, defence, security, sports, IT, food, HRD, glass, apparel machinery, medical, construction, brewery, print, etc. He was formerly the Director & General Manager of Conference & Exhibition Management services Pte Ltd.  

In terms of ‘likes’ (a social media term he prefers over ‘hobby’), Gan collects ‘fragments of drama’ which he pursues through travel (last count: 38 countries and innumerable fragments) and reading of comics (of the Hong Kong sword-fighting genre).

To create more drama in his life, Gan writes the occasional poem and has been published in “From Boys to Men: A Literary Anthology of National Service in Singapore (2002)”, Quarterly Literary Review Singapore and Poetry Billboard.

Gan has also co-edited ‘A Practical Guide for Professional Exhibition Organising-ProXO, (2011)’ authored by Mr Thomas Khoo and jointly published by Mr Thomas Khoo and the Singapore Association of Convention & Exhibition Organisers and Suppliers (SACEOS).

Tel: 6780 6239
Email: ganss@tp.edu.sg

John Low
Senior Lecturer

John was Director of Industry Development in the National Association of Travel Agents Singapore (NATAS) for more than 11 years. During his stint with NATAS, he championed the transformation of the travel agents sector through initiatives involving the strategic deployment of manpower as well as the adoption of information technology. He successfully led four major industry projects including the development of a customer-centric framework to raise the service level of travel agencies. John also implemented the ‘NATAS Accreditation’, an accreditation and professional certification system for travel agents in Singapore.

John holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Management and an Advanced Certificate in Training & Assessment (ACTA). In 2008, he received a scholarship from the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) to attend the Tourism Leadership programme at the University of Hawaii.

John loves travelling and has an active lifestyle. He keeps fit by attending step-aerobic classes and playing badminton weekly. He also golfs to keep in touch with friends and volunteers his time for community work.

Tel: 6780 4110
Email: johnlow@tp.edu.sg

Sheila Sim Poh Suan
Senior Lecturer

Following her graduation with a Bachelor of Arts from the National University of Singapore, Sheila joined the travel industry, marketing outbound tours to various destinations. Apart from managing frontline sales, she also specialised in tour planning and operations, to countries as varied as Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Turkey, Egypt and Greece.

She was also with Abacus International, providing sales and marketing support to Abacus' regional offices for a web based hotel wholesale system.

At SAFRA, she was involved in membership activities in the area of travel, recreation and entertainment, and also organised association-wide events for SAFRA members. She developed a passion for events, and joined the Singapore Sports Council in the strategic planning and development of international sports events landscape in Singapore. She was also involved in the organisation of the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon since 2005, first in the capacity as Operations Director, managing areas such as route management, start and finish point management and race logistics, to her role as Event Director, which required management of the organising team on the entire spectrum of this marquee event.

Sheila is an avid believer of sports. Her student days were often spent on the netball court, and she still shares a passion for the game. She enjoys jogging, swimming, reading, experimenting with new-found recipes and singing in her church choir during her leisure time.

Tel: 6780 6781
Email: ssheila@tp.edu.sg

Alvena Sam

Prior to teaching, Alvena started her career in the Exhibitions industry with various key industry stakeholders like Pico Art International and Kingsmen Exhibits. She has spent over 10 years in Account Servicing/Client development in the conceptualization and execution of marketing programs. She has been involved in international and iconic events in the Aerospace, Tax Free, Telco trade events, and thematic exhibits in museums and Science Centre. In her course of work, she experienced varied B2B MICE events in cross-cultural environments.

Alvena had previously taught at Singapore Polytechnic in the area of events and project management. She thoroughly enjoys interacting with her students and ploughing into their lives.

For leisure, she enjoys travelling and outdoor sports. Above all, she always makes time for family and friends over good coffee and food.

Alvena has a Bachelor of Arts (Merit) from National University of Singapore and has completed a Specialist Diploma in e-Learning.

Tel: 6780 4119
Email: alvenalk@tp.edu.sg

Clauderlene Tan

Claude taught international students for five years at Temasek Polytechinc’s former satellite campus, The Tourism Academy @ Sentosa (TAS). The diverse student-mix provided her opportunities to hone her teaching skills and explore differentiated instruction. Since 2010, Claude has been teaching local students on the polytechnic’s main campus.

Prior to teaching, Claude spent 11 years with the pioneering team for the Singapore Philatelic Museum, National Heritage Board. As a curator, her responsibilities included collection and exhibition research, exhibition development, programme development and consultancy for gallery development.

Claude has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from Murdoch University, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Museum Studies from the University of Leicester and a Master of Arts in Education from the University of Sheffield. She is also a member of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) and the ICOM’s Committee for Education and Cultural Action (CECA).

Tel: 6780 5694
Email: ctansl@tp.edu.sg

Joan Ho

A former graduate of Temasek Polytechnic School of Business, Joan obtained her Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing from the University of Western Sydney and a Master in Hotel Administration with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Her overseas work experience includes Shanghai where she was employed as a consultant at the Ambassy Club.

Prior to her Shanghai stint, she also worked at SC Global Developments Ltd, a high-end award winning property development firm, in project management and consultancy work for projects in China and in Singapore. Joan obtained her certification as a Club Professional at the Pinetree Club.

Today, Joan continues to be an active member of the Club Managers’ Association Singapore (CMAS) and has been involved in organising conferences for the association on an international level. Besides work, Joan takes pleasure in both outdoor and indoor activities. She displays her energetic enthusiasm for almost all kinds of sports, especially diving and volleyball. A strong believer that music soothes the soul, she is passionate about Jazz and Latin music.

Tel: 6780 6195
Email: joanho@tp.edu.sg

Justin Matthew Pang

Justin was conferred multiple Undergraduate and Master degrees in business and hotel administration from Griffith University, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and Aalto University-Helsinki School of Economics. He attended the prestigious General Managers’ Programme (GMP) with Cornell University and is currently pursuing his doctoral degree with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Justin has rich industrial knowledge having worked at properties, ranging from Raffles Hotel-Singapore, the Celtic Manor Resort in the United Kingdom, the Marriott Surfers’ Paradise Resort, Australia and the Thistle Park and Palace Hotels, London. His last posting was in the Raffles Resort, Canouan in the Caribbean and New York, as Director of Revenue and Reservations. For his active contributions to the industry, he was awarded the Singapore National Productivity Award in 2002 and the Acorn Award (UK) in 2006.

On an academic front, Justin has been a keen speaker at several hospitality forums and seminars. He has also reviewed and presented academic white papers for conferences such as the AsiaPacCHRIE, Asian Tourism Forum and the ASEAN Tourism Education Project, hosted by the Thai Tourism Research Institute.

Justin is a member of the Council of Hotels, Restaurants and Educational Institutions (CHRIE), the Cornell Hotel Society and the Institute of Hospitality. He is also accredited by the American Hotel and Lodging Association as a Certified Hotel Administrator, Rooms Division Executive, Hospitality Revenue Manager and Hospitality Industry Analyst.

For leisure, Justin enjoys swimming, jogging and a chilled glass of wine, whilst listening to contemporary jazz music.

Tel: 6780 5888
Email: jmpang@tp.edu.sg

Trevor De Silva

Trevor had worked and seen most aspects of the hospitality industry in his 20-year career. He began at the Front Desk in Boston’s Westin Copley Hotel, where he fulfilled his professional experience for a degree at the University of Massachusetts (Amherst) in Hospitality, Resort and Travel Administration (HRTA).

Later in his career, he completed his Masters of Business Administration from the University of Buffalo, New York.

Trevor had held multiple roles in the Food and Beverage and the Sales and Marketing Division at Shangri-la Hotel and the Orchid Country Club (OCC) where he was the Director for Resort and Marketing. After OCC, he joined Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre (SICEC) where he was consultant to the Finance and F&B divisions and was involved in the planning and execution of the inaugural Youth Olympic Games, APEC Summit 2009 and Asian Aerospace 2010.

Trevor was also General Manager at the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club till March 2015, and was overall in charge of the Club, as well as the exclusive marina, which berthed over 300 yachts and boats.

Tel: 6780 5079
Email: trevor@tp.edu.sg

Yvonne Tan

Yvonne graduated from the Nanyang Technological University with Honours in Business. She was also a graduate from the pioneer batch of Diploma in Tourism Management at Temasek Polytechnic.

Yvonne has more than 12 years of experience in the cruise industry. As a Membership and Event Manager with Star Cruises, she played a key role in organizing membership events and activities held on board Star Cruises' vessels. Events include Anniversary Cruise Celebration, Singing Contest, Concerts, and Workshops. Throughout her years with Star Cruises, she had the opportunity to work closely with shipboard personnel who came from different countries and diverse cultural backgrounds.

She was involved in the set up of a new membership programme and members sign-up system. She also played a key role in developing respective functions in the membership database, to derive customized reports that ensure easier data processing and more targeted decision making by the management. With her experience built up over the years, she was also involved in training of new staff in regional offices like South-Korea and Japan.

During her spare time, Yvonne likes to read, play sports like badminton and cycling. And she loves travelling with her family.

Tel: 6780 6777
Email: atyvonne@tp.edu.sg



“Students from TP bring with them fresh ideas, high energy, and a great thirst for learning. The organisation has always benefited from their involvement, and I can only hope so have they. I personally look forward to seeing more students interning with the Events team and bringing new exciting events in Sentosa to life with their zest and creativity.”

Steven Chung
Deputy Director, Events & Programmes, Sentosa Leisure Management


“KidZania Singapore is very pleased to have students from Temasek Polytechnic as they showcase excellent work performance and attitude. The students are responsible, willing to learn and take initiative of their own learning. We believe that the students have learned as much as they could and benefitted from their internship program with us.”

Leong Yue Weng
General Manager (Mayor), KidZania Singapore


“Over the years, TP’s internship programme has continuously complemented our team well in assisting to address our business needs. The students are of great help because TP has prepared them with the right attitude, knowledge, and creative thinking skills that MCI needs.”

Zarina Othman
Assistant Director, Business Development & Sales, MCI Group Asia Pacific


Gardens by the Bay has definitely benefited from Temasek Polytechnic's internship programme as the students demonstrated their initiative and good working attitude while carrying out their internship with us. Particularly in Visitor Services, where students get exposed to real life work situations and have the opportunities to showcase their teamwork and interpersonal skills. We are glad that Gardens by the Bay can provide this platform for Temasek Polytechnic's students to gain the relevant exposure and experience.

Ralf Josef Gresch
Deputy Director of Visitor Services, Gardens by the Bay


LRM Graduates

“LRM has provided me with various knowledge and expertise in the hospitality and events industry that are greatly demanded in the business world. The course has also equipped me with various valuable skills set such as people relation skills and communications skills that is beneficial in preparing me for my future career. With the great knowledge and skills set, I believe i will be able to excel in the competitive business world.”

Ng Ye Li
Diploma in Leisure & Resort Management Gold Medallist (2016)


“The structure of the course is different from what I do in University but the most beneficial part of LRM is definitely having a bunch of down-to-earth teachers that would give you practical advice and support you in your life journey. Another benefit is the overseas internship programme where I’ve gain invaluable life skills such as independence, interacting with people of different culture and most importantly not to be afraid of venturing into the unknown.”

Ying Fatima
Postgraduate student at Cambridge University, UK

Graduated in Leisure & Resort Management (2012)


“I greatly appreciate the various techniques and lessons LRM taught to me that have developed me as an all rounded person able to not only keep up in the hospitality industry but also in other relevant areas such as events (due to subjects such as FEM and MICE). The course has broadly expanded my scope of interests and now i can confidently look towards my future with an open and enthusiastic mind equipped with the latest skills and knowledge needed to succeed.”

Kevin Monteiro
Graduated in Leisure & Resort Management (2012)


“The diploma has provided me an edge in NTU. The content of my discussion during tutorials in LRM has instilled a high sense of confidence in me because I do not just learn the content in the classroom; I also had the opportunity to experience real application of knowledge through participation in actual events, study trips and internship.”

Dyna Shonata
Undergraduate, NTU, ASEAN Scholarship Programme

Diploma in Leisure & Resort Management Gold Medalist (2010)


“Modules such as ‘Resort Operations & Management’ and ‘Destination Planning & Development’ have equipped me with knowledge about zoning and policies that is useful for subjects such as ‘Urban Planning and Development’ at NUS.”

Daphne Poh
Undergraduate, NUS

Graduated in Leisure & Resort Management (2010)

Industry Projects

Sentosa Apprenticeship Programme: Spooktacular 2011

Student Internship Programme

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Guest Speakers

Applelynn Teo

Area Director – Retail Operations & Group Director – Design & Production
Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts

Bibiana Louanna Lau

Assistant Director of Conventions, Exhibitions and Special Events
Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centrre

Cheong Teow Cheng  

President /CEO
Singapore Cruise Centre

Marilyn Boo

Training & Development Manager
Singapore Island Country Club

Edward Wong

Principal CEO
Swiss Brands (EdeS Spa)

Steven Chung

Deputy Director of Events & Planning
Sentosa Leisure Management

Leong Yue Weng


Luther Low

Regional Ops & BUS Process Director
Carlson Wagonlit (ME)

Chan Wee Teck

George P. Johnson

Lloyd Tan

General Manager
Government and Lifestyle Group
Experia Events

Ben Heyhoe Flint

ASN & Vice-President - Asia Sponsorship Association

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