Paving the way to deeper skills through the Earn and Learn Programme

Like many other third year students in the Polytechnic, Li Wen was at a crossroad about whether to start working, or invest another 3 years in her studies at the University, after her graduation. Hence, when she heard about the launch of the new Earn and Learn Programme in the Specialist Diploma in Big Data and Analytics offered by Temasek Polytechnic from her Course Manager, she knew she had to sign up. The opportunities provided were attractive, and being enrolled in this programme meant that she could work, earn a salary, and up her skills in an area she was interested in. 

Li Wen took up an offer with NCS Pte Ltd, a multinational information technology and communications engineering company headquartered in Singapore, as an Associate Consultant. She felt that NCS would provide her with the exposure that she needs in this field, due to the varied projects they are involved in. Also, the rigorous interview they put her through convinced her that the company takes a serious stance in hiring and developing employees. Furthermore, they have an attractive training programme for new hires where they have refresher courses as well as induction on new technologies. 

The experience in the ELP exceeded her expectations. Not only was she able to apply skills she picked up in the classroom at work, she also became more independent, and learnt to problem-solve by taking the initiative to research on issues. She also learnt to handle her time well, managing the demands of both work and school. As a beginner in the workforce, she cited the support provided by both her company and the school as invaluable. While at the company, she gained deeper skills in Cloudera, Qlikview, R programming and business communication, as well as acquired new skills in Python, a programming language.

Describing herself as an average student, Li Wen surprised herself when she garnered a perfect Grade Point Average of 4.0 after her first semester. With aptitude and a renewed passion for her chosen field, she plans to further her studies in UniSIM after she graduates from the course.

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