Security Industry Institute

The Security Industry Institute (SII) was set up in September 2007 to offer nationally recognised and comprehensive professional security training and quality job placements for security personnel.

Jointly established by Temasek Polytechnic (TP) and now-defunct Singapore Workforce Development Agency (currently known as SkillsFuture Singapore), SII aims to enhance the security industry’s professional and operating standards and employability of the workforce through various skills upgrading initiatives.

Training Programmes @ SII

Interested applicants may apply for all of our courses online here

What’s New?

  • As part of the effort to go green and to improve our processes, SII will not be mailing hardcopy confirmation letter of offer to trainees with immediate effect. After the online application closes and upon confirmation of the running of the class, a confirmation letter of offer will be sent via email to and reach the applicant about 1 week before the course commencement date. Applicants are advised to provide a valid email address during the online application in order to receive the letter of offer.

  • SII proudly presents the Launch of e-learning teasers for Security WSQ courses on 30 June 2018. Please view the introductory video here.
    We welcome all to access a range of bite-sized taster modules which are absolutely free with your SingPass login credentials at! Please refer to the login guide here. The full version of all the e-learning modules will go live later this year.

  • Changes in terrorism places new demands on security professionals to constantly develop their knowledge and skills in managing and overcoming this threat, in order to protect and secure an organisation in terms of its people, assets, and operations. This course is relevant to security professionals, at both the operational and managerial levels. Click here for details.

  • More security agencies have started to adopt emerging technologies (such as drones, robots and “smart cameras”) to complement the security officers’ job. However, they do not often adequately safeguard their systems from hackers or against cybersecurity/cyberterrorism. This course will equip you to have an awareness, assess and manage cyber risks. Click here for details.
  • There are different career pathways when you start out your career in the security industry. Click here to find out more.