About Sports & Wellness

Sports & Wellness is a subject that aims to empower students with the fundamental knowledge and skills for a lifelong pursuit of healthy living.  This subject allows students to learn practical tips to adopt a healthy lifestyle and be exposed to a broad range of physical activities.  It is a platform where students can form new friendship while cultivating good habits towards healthy living.

Subject Details

Sports & Wellness is a compulsory 1 CU subject, spanning across 10 weeks for 2 hours a week. Assessment is based on attendance and participation, and results will be reflected in the academic transcript. Students are required to achieve 70% attendance in order to attain a Pass in this subject. Students who fail Sports & Wellness in the first attempt are required to repeat the subject once and will not be able to qualify for the Diploma with Merit.

Exemptions may be approved by Registrar on a case-by-case basis eg compelling medical grounds and/or prohibitive physical disabilities that is substantiated by relevant medical documentation. All application for exemption must be submitted at SDAA office. Submission of application does not constitute approval. Students will be notified of the outcome of their exemption via email.

Attendance Taking & Class Participation

For Sports & Wellness, a 15 minutes grace period will be given to students to change into sports attire and to travel to their allocated venue.  Attendance will be taken at 11.15am or 4.15pm. Students who arrive in class after the 15 minutes will be marked as late.  

Students will be marked present for class only if they:

  • Are punctual and participate fully in the assigned class activities
  • Sign on the attendance sheet (signatory should be proper and consistent for all 10 lessons eg smiley faces are not allowed).


Students who are unwell and have to sit out for the class will be marked present if they show medical proof of recent illness/ injury (eg MC within the last 3 days) to the instructors.

Students who do not participate fully in the class activities or who turn up for class in inappropriate attire for physical activities will be marked as absent.

Students should check that their attendance has been correctly captured.  Clarification of attendance must be done within 5 working days following the lesson.   


Appropriate attire for Sports & Wellness

Students are required to attend lessons in appropriate sports attire.  T-shirt, sports shorts/sweat pants/tights and covered shoes are required.  Students who do not come in appropriate attire for physical activities will not be allowed to participate in class and will be marked absent.

Modules Offered

Venue/ Teaching Facility


Week 1 to 6
(24 April to 2 June) or
(23 Oct to 1 Dec)

Week 7 to 10
(10 July to 4 Aug) or
(15 Jan to 9 Feb)

Gym (Blk 29)

Gym Fitness


Sports Hall 1
(Sports Complex @ Blk 29)

Fitness & Nutrition






Modified Tennis


Sports Hall 2
(Blk 26A, Lvl 2)











Sports Hall 2 (Blk 26A, Lvl 2)

Table Tennis


Dance Studio
(Blk 26A, Lvl 1)

Self Defence




Gym Studio
(Blk 29, inside Gym)

Self Defence


Group Fitness 1


Dance Studio (Blk 26A, Lvl 2)

Group Fitness 2


Facilitation Rm (Blk 26A Lvl 2)



Studio 7 (Blk 26A Lvl 1)




FAQ on Sports & Wellness