Campus Map

Blk 26A Sports & Arts Centre
Blk 26B Auditorium 3 and Foyer
School of Business (BUS)
Blk 29 Sports Complex
Blk 29A Temasek Tourism Academy (TTA)
Blk 29B Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)
Blk 30 Bistro Lab
Blk 1A School of Humanities & Social Sciences (HSS)
Temasek SkillsFuture Academy (TSA)
Blk 1 - 4 School of Informatics & IT (IIT)
Blk 5 - 8 School of Applied Science (ASC)
Blk 8A Centre for Aquaculture & Veterinary Science (CAVS)
TP Animal Clinic & Wellness
Blk 26 School of Business (BUS)
ATMs Food
Blk 9 Administration
Auditoria 1 & 2 and Foyer
Student Services
Blk 9A Main Foyer
Blk 27 Library
Blk 28 - 28A School of Design (DES)
Blk 30A Student and Alumni Hub
Blk 30B Garden Fiesta
- The Plaza
- Triangular Gardens & Fountain Pond
Blk 10 - 25A School of Engineering (ENG)
Blk 31 Temasek Culinary Academy (TCA)
Blk 31A Swimming Complex
Blk 32 - 33 School of Engineering (ENG)
Blk 34 Temasek Convention Center (TCC) and Foyer
Blk 41 - 43, 45

Glocal Connect Village (GCV)

*Blk 41: SHN Designated Facility

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