Dial-A Cab in TP

TP has signed-up with CityCab for the AutoDial Service. This service provides the no-talk, just-action way to book a cab with the 6552-5252 hotline.

Pickup Points Booking Procedure

We have designated 8 pick-up points and the numbers allocated to them for the taxi service are as follows:

  1. Central Guard House at Admin Block
  2. Car porch of School of Engineering
  3. Loading Bay of West Wing Administration Block, opposite Lobby D
  4. Loading Bay of East Wing Administration Block, opposite Lobby C
  5. Lobby of School of Business near Library
  6. Lobby of Block 41, Temasek Green
  7. Lobby of Block 43, Temasek Green
  8. Lobby of Block 45, Temasek Green
  1. Dial 6552-5252
  2. Enter 6010 and # as account reference number
  3. Enter Pick-Up Number
    Note: Enter only ONE pick-up number, e.g. enter 1 for cab to pick you up at Central Guard House, or enter 6 for Block 41, Temasek Green
  4. Enter 0 as destination number
  5. Enter #
  6. Taxi number will be announced while you hold on to the line

Points to note:

  • A booking fee of $3.00 and all other approved surcharges are applicable.
  • Hanging up the phone before confirmation of taxi number will cancel the booking.
  • Call 6552-7202 for any clarification or cancellation of booking.
  • Cabcharge and other major credit cards are also accepted.
  • Signages on the booking procedure have been put up at all pick-up points and at public phone booths along the HorseShoe, Plaza Level, as well as in the Audi Foyer.