A Lion in Our Midst

He breezes through the hallways of the Engineering School and walks into class without causing much of a fuss. His lecturers and classmates are unaware that there is a Lion amongst our presence.

Muhammad Faris Azienuddiin BK, who was a student in our Diploma in Aerospace Electronics course, is a member of the Singapore Lions XII (Lions Twelve) squad.  On campus, he looked just like any other student.  But once school was done for the day, he roared to life, donning a red jersey with the Singapore flag proudly emblazoned on his chest.

Faris is one of Singapore’s rising footballer stars who has represented our nation at the various age-group tournaments. Having been mentored by former National Team and Malaysia Cup defender, Saswadimata Dasuki in the National Football Academy U19 side, Faris has come a long way from being a youngster with huge potential, to stake his claim as one of Singapore’s rising defenders in the local game.

A strong defender who is earmarked as a future national team player, Faris wears his heart on his sleeves and plays the game with no fear. A total opposite from the quiet and unassuming character he is in person – and in class.

Faris said: “I started playing football from a very young age and I have always enjoyed the game. It is a team sport which requires me to speak up and communicate with my teammates in order for us to function well as a unit on the pitch. My dream is to play for the national team one day and I am working hard to get there.”

“To me, obtaining my diploma is just as crucial as fulfilling my dream of becoming a professional footballer. I am grateful that my very approachable lecturers and classmates had always been supportive and helped me to keep up with school work when my football training schedules became hectic,” he added.

Faris graduated with a Diploma in Aerospace Electronics in May 2015. Way to go, Faris!!

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