A Tale of Two Sisters

Twin sisters Syahirah and Syahidah Rostam both graduated with a Diploma in Business Process & Systems Engineering in May 2013, and both were from East Spring Sec School.

Wait… there are more “boths”.

Both were in the TP women’s soccer team. Both have pursued a degree in Sports Science & Management at NTU. While waiting for admission, both had worked as Sales & Marketing Managers at the FandiAhmadFootballAcademy, helping to promote women’s soccer. 

And of course… both look alike, and both have names that look and spell alike!

Seeing double? Syahirah is the one in green, Syahidah in red

Physically, they look like a photocopy of each other, invariably giving their friends and lecturers a headache in indentifying who’s who. Even pronouncing their names can be a challenge – they both sound alike!

“We used to have different hairstyles so friends could still tell us apart. But when we started to wear head scarves, everyone became confused!” recalls Syahidah. “So we decided that our head scarves should also have a different design,” she adds with a laugh. 

Even their taste for guys is identical. Syahidah and Syahirah are dating another pair of identical twins – Adib and Aniq Sharhan – also TP students who graduated with a Diploma in Electronics in 2011. “God willing, we are going to have husbands who look alike too,” grins Syahirah. 

But that’s where their similarity ends.

Working at the Fandi Ahmad Football Academy

Syahirah is a fan of retired Manchester United star, Paul Scholes, and her favourite team – Man U of course!. Her twin sister, however, supports Arsenal and adores Robin van Persie. Hey! but Van Persie now plays for Manchester United, so somehow, somewhere, the twin sisters are still linked! 

Syahirah remembers the most memorable goal she scored for the TP women’s team – a 30-metre scorcher from outside the penalty box, in true Paul Scholes fashion – which helped TP to beat Nanyang Polytechnic 3-0 in an inter-polytechnic match in September 2012. 

But why their love for soccer? “Because soccer teaches us many lessons in life,” explains Syahirah. “In soccer, if you get a yellow card, you better heed the warning and don’t make another mistake. Similarly, in life you often get just one chance,” she animates. 

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