Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.

Pharmaceutical Science student Adam Chiow Chong Ming will jokingly tell you that he aspires to be a ‘house-husband’. 


Hard to believe, as Adam is currently the top guy in TOPS (Totally Pharmaceutical Science), the diploma’s main student interest group. As the club’s President, Adam leads members in many activities which engage the community. One such activity involved an external partner, the North East Community Development Council (NECDC). The project promoting the safe use of medications amongst elderly residents allowed the students to apply their knowledge and skills, and expand their experience beyond the classroom. The outreach programme was conducted as a door-to-door community health education exercise. 

“During the door-to-door visits, we reviewed the seniors’ current habits on the use, storage and organisation of medications, and their access to healthcare advice and timely medication supply,” Adam says.  The volunteers also provided education on the safe use of medications, encouraging timely referral for professional healthcare advice and medication supply. 

Adam believes that these activities enable him and fellow club members to acquire many useful skills – from planning to team work and interpersonal skills - which are especially important to them as future Pharmacists. 


When asked if he is enjoying his diploma course, Adam immediately gives credit to his Lecturers.  “I’m enjoying the course a lot because of the Lecturers. Staff from the School of Applied Science are trained Pharmacists with a wealth of experience. They gave up theirs corporate jobs to teach. They are really passionate in educating us. And they always give real life examples to get us motivated.” 


“There’s so much to life than just studying. It’s about the experiences you go through and turning them into positive energy to benefit others. 

“For the future, I want to focus on research, especially in the area of cells. It’s really interesting to see how a cell is a representation of how our body works. This fascinates me and I hope to work in a company that focuses in this area,” he adds.



One of the toughest experiences for Adam was his Overseas Student Internship in Australia – not the project, but the fact that he had to be independent! “I did my internship at the University of Sydney, where I participated in research in the area of inhalatory sciences. I did not think that doing everything on my own would be so tough! From cleaning to meals, everything seems to take up your time and it having time for yourself was impossible. And it dawned on me that this is what life is all about. Life is about going out there into the real world to experience all sorts of things …. It adds to your experience and it makes your life more whole and interesting. And the end of it, you will then not take things for granted.”


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