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Aerospace Electronics student Rayner Lim juggles the hectic demands of his diploma course at TP with a rigorous schedule as a catwalk model and part time MediaCorp actor. The charismatic 1.87m tall celebrity tells us how his showbiz and modelling career started and reveals some secrets of the trade...

As chaperon to contestants during the New Face contest in 2015

With the bright spot lights and long runways, hundreds of pairs of eyes focused on my every move as I trooped down the runway. It is not easy being on the runway. And by runway, I do not mean in the airport! Rather, I am referring to being a catwalk model! I have been modelling with Now Model Management for about 7 months now and I’ve loved every moment of it.

I started off my showbiz career as an actor, participating in a movie directed by Tay Ping Hui, “Meeting the Giants”. The movie was produced to reinvigorate basketball and being a former basketball player, I was motivated to join the production. It was nearing my ‘O’ level exams when the filming started and I had to risk my ‘O’ levels just to be in showbiz! Well, I guess this shows my passion for the industry. I even participated as a part-time actor in the latest hit drama serials, “The Dream Makers 2”, acting alongside local celeb, Ian Fang, one of the 8 dukes in Channel 8! To be honest, to be able to see myself on television feels bizarre! It is a feeling that would be very difficult to describe to anyone.

With the cast of “Meeting the Giant”

In Sep 2015, MediaCorp ran a comeback of the popular TV reality show, “Hey Gorgeous”. (For those who do not know, “Hey Gorgeous”, also known as “校园美魔王”, used to be aired on Channel U from 2003 before a long hiatus, and made a comeback in 2015.) Knowing that our School of Engineering was calling for students to participate, I immediately emailed the lecturer, Mr Priveen, to know more about it. Little did I expect, I got selected by the hosts! I joined “Hey Gorgeous” as I wanted to have more experience and exposure to the media industry as I really love the entertainment scene. And I thought to myself that this would be a good stepping stone for me as I have some experience to begin with.

During the show, I was interviewed for about a minute and seeing myself on TV felt surreal. But honestly, I felt that it gave me the attention I have always wanted. Even though I wasn’t selected for the semi-finals to represent TP, to be selected as one of the top 3 guys in the entire campus, out of the thousands of guys in TP, already felt incredible. The feeling was indescribable and absolutely amazing. Even though my journey ended early, I made a handful of good friends along the way.

As for modelling, my career actually started because of my part-time acting career in MediaCorp. When doing the filming for a Channel 8 drama called “Crescendo”, which aired in November 2015, I met this veteran model and she said I have the qualities to become a model. She recommended me some good male modelling agencies and I sent in my résumé. The wait for the interview was tedious. I honestly was afraid that I would get rejected! Thankfully, one of the agencies finally called and told me to go down for an interview and casting. On the day of the interview, the boss who interviewed me told me that he liked me and said I have huge potential. They signed me on the spot! I was very happy and thankful for this opportunity! That was how I started my modelling career.

Photo credit: NOW Modelling

I am sure, many of you are dying to know how to become a successful catwalk model. So let me share with you some tips and tricks from what I have learnt at work: Firstly, being tall, having a lean body and a smaller face makes the perfect model fit. With these 3 aspects, I can assure you that you will receive more fashion runway assignments or photoshoots as compared to those who lack these qualities. In addition, you need to be confident of yourself, be it during the catwalk on the runway or during photoshoots. You must have a confident face and mind-set in order to perfect the walk or to shoot a good photo.

Photo credit: NOW Modelling

“We wear the clothes and not the clothes wear us” is a quote I live by! We want to use our charisma to show off the beauty of the clothes. And that is how to be a great model! Always show your best in whatever you do.

Given that I am so much into modelling and showbiz, why am I pursuing a Diploma in Aerospace Electronics at TP, you may ask. Well, I feel that my diploma acts as a second option for my career path in the future. You know, if things don’t work out, or if I decide to “retire” early from showbiz, I will always have a good solid diploma from TP to back me up. And if I ever go to university, I will have a degree to back me up as well. Perhaps when I reach a certain age, I might be bored of doing the same thing for years so I guess that is when my Diploma would come in handy.

But why Aerospace Electronics? Well, what I like about my diploma is that I get to learn about one of the most complex systems on earth – the airplane. I learn about how it functions, how its wings or flaps function, the cockpit system and other various systems. It is complicated but at the same time cool and interesting, because complicated things fascinate me!

With Aerospace Electronics classmates at TP

I have no regrets choosing to study in TP, because I feel that its environment is awesome. I like how TP can provide us with a good learning space and facilities for us to learn and enjoy life at the same time. Most lecturers are extremely friendly and everyone is so bonded in Engineering School. Also, the western stall at short circuit is the bomb! Their breakfast Set C is one of TP’s most favourite dish! Both the canteens in the School of Engineering are great as they deliver good and cheap food.

All in all, showbiz and modelling are just a temporary “try out” for me to see if I really like them, and whether I would like to continue in this line as my full time job in the near future. At the same time, it enables me to earn small cash as a part time model and actor, whilst studying. (I get up to $500 per assignment, depending on its duration and level of difficulty). Showbiz and modelling also give me the adrenalin rush of trying something new each time, as every assignment and every casting is different!

Currently, the passion for showbiz and modelling is burning brightly inside of me. Only time can tell if and how long the fire continues to burn.

Rayner (circled) during an Aerospace class in TP

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