An Important Press Release

Press Release Date: 01 April 2011

Temasek Polytechnic is proud to announce that it will be improving its curriculum by increasing its full-time course duration from 3 years to 4 and a half years, making it the first polytechnic in Singapore to do so.

This is the result of a 2 year study conducted by the Student Curriculum Management Committee (SCMC), an independent group of cross-disciplinary advisors in Temasek Polytechnic. Research was conducted on 3 main pillars of student life and their curriculum, namely:

Relevancy of curriculum to industry practice
Effectiveness of pedagogy implementation
Student morale & welfare

Method of Study

The study was conducted incognito to maximize its effectiveness. The committee hired 350 research participants in their teens to join classes for periods of time and study their classmates based on an extensive number of factors, including natural reactions, comments and opinions.

While the study showed relatively strong scores on most of these factors, the committee was surprised to see that certain concerns were repeated across the board, mostly revolving around project submission deadlines and workload.

Speaking at a press conference this morning, the Director of the SCMC, Mr Jeremy Ong Kai Eng said,

“Increasing the course duration will achieve a more wholesome education for our students by greatly increasing morale. We also have no plans to increase school fees, so students will still pay for their 4.5 years’ of education with just 3 years of school fees, which works out to about 50% savings in their fees.

We are also reworking the way our terms and examination periods work to better reflect industry practice.”

Implementation of New Course Duration

This new course duration will be implemented in waves:

All current year 2 students going into year 3 will have their course duration increased by 6 months.
All current year 1 students going into year 2 will have their course duration increased by 1 year.
All incoming year 1 students will benefit from the full 1.5 years course duration increase.
All graduating students will come back for an additional 2 weeks of bridging studies after their graduation ceremony.
The 4.5 year course duration will feature:

9 Semesters, with 1 Semester lasting 5 months each and a vacation period of 1 month.
School weeks will now last 6 days instead of 5 to give students more time to finish their projects.
The first day of the school week is now Sunday instead of Monday.
All project deadlines are set at 3 months after the project assignment.
However, to reflect industry practice, these deadlines will be shifted 5-10 times, to a minimum of the deadline being the week before today, making your submission already late.
Examination dates are no longer fixed, but the examination dates will be announced only 12 hours before the examination itself. This is to keep students on their toes and encourage them to revise constantly.
And if at this juncture you still believe that this press release is real, then we just have one thing to say to you.

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