Aquarama 2015: Student Reflections

  • 6 Yr. 3 Vet Students ( Cheryl Lim, Justin Koh, Keith Tang, Kenneth Chin, Goh Shee Qi and Shadame Yeo)
  • Staff: Glendon Teo, Terence Tan

Participating in Aquarama really opened my eyes to the aqua landscaping world. Prior to the competition, I didn't have much knowledge about setting up a tank the right way, or the care and maintenance of aquatic plants. I've now learnt so much and gained a really fun yet valuable experience. More than anything, I've also learnt to persevere through hard times with my team and to build up my patience whenever things didn't go the way we wanted. Glendon and Terence have been awesome teachers throughout this journey and I cannot thank them enough. Even though we didn't win in the end, it is the process that matters more. - Cheryl Lim, Yr. 3 Dip Vet

Before participating in the Aquarama Freshwater Nanotank competition, my concept of aqua landscaping was using numerous artificial items. After receiving coaching from Glendon and Terence, we were able to fully understand the concepts of aqua landscaping to create a habitat for both aquatic plants and fishes in a way that it showcases the beauty as well as the coexistence of the different species.

Prior to the competition we had to undergo lessons about the basics of setting up a tank. After all the theory, we finally had a chance to apply what we had learnt. Our ideas were easy to execute in our heads but conceptualizing our thoughts into reality as well as following the limitations of space, materials and variety was a whole different story. We spent days hunting for our materials to find something similar to what we imagined in our heads. Even after we bought our materials there were many hiccups along the way like fungus taking over our log, plants withering, as well as our term tests.

It took a lot of perseverance to maintain our plants and keep them healthy. However, after we actually set up our tank during the second day of the competition, we were relieved that the scape looks great and that together with the teachers we did a great job. Although we didn't win in the end, we learnt a lot and were even inspired to get our own tanks. - Justin Koh, Yr. 3 Dip Vet

Participating in Aquarama has been a great experience for me where I had gained vast knowledge about aquascaping. We had started preparing in December 2014, where our teachers Glendon and Terence had gave us lessons on the basics of aquascaping. Then we started the practical aspect, which was to set up our dry scape and cultivate the plants all the way till the competition in May 2015. It took a long time and a lot of effort to see the fruits of our labour. Nevertheless, the effort we put in were worth it in the end when we saw our tank coming together during the competition. Although our entries did not win any prizes, the valuable experience and knowledge that we had gained was much more than winning itself. We got to see other tanks during the competition, saw their different styles and thought how we could improve on ours.

Participating in the Aquarama competition has been an eye opening experience for me, one that I had learnt something new. I am very grateful for the guidance and teachings of our teachers, Glendon and Terence. Also, I am thankful for the help and contributions of my group mates. Without all of them, this competition would not have been possible.
- Shadame Yeo, Yr. 3 Dip VeT

 The team hard at work late into the night doing up their scape during the competition day.

The team posing for a picture with their completed scape at the end of the day. This year’s competition features 10 entries from participants all over the world.

The team’s entry scape for aquarama 2015. (Left) The riverine. (Right) Enchanted forest.

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