Beach Clean-up at Tanah Merah: Student Reflections

  • 19 Yr. 1 and 2 Vet Students
  • Staff: Terence Tan, Samantha Komaran, Glendon Teo

Waking up early in the morning has never been a comfortable routine for me during the weekend. As volunteers, we had to wake up early in the morning to gather everyone before heading to the venue. Upon reaching the park, I was shocked to see the amount of rubbish located along the shore line. During the clean-up, I find it ridiculous how industrial items, such as wires and plastics, can be littered when it can easily be thrown away into the rubbish bin. Having seen the state of the beach, the act of not littering has really been instilled in my mind further. Every single volunteer had to form a long line and plastic bag will be passed from one person to the other. It was heart-warming to see the determination and teamwork displayed by everyone on site was despite being very tired. At the end of the day, despite the tiredness, I feel the sense of satisfaction of the little things that happen during the short morning. It was definitely an eye opening experience.
- Syahidah bte azmi, Yr. 2, Dip Vet

Upon arriving at the beach that morning, i was shocked by the amount of trash that was washed up the shore. A few of my friends and I literally stayed at the same area for the whole time and trash kept sweeping in. However, with team effort, we were able to make the beach presentable again. With the total amount of trash collected weighing approximately 700kg, I felt great for I have played a part in protecting the environment.
- Hannah Lim, Yr. 2, Dip Vet

Arriving at Tanah Merah beach, I was unpleasantly surprised. The amount of trash observed while I was walking towards our designated spot for the clean-up was simply too astonishing. Previous beach clean-ups I had participated in did not involve that much trash. Work was split and I was with the group clearing the mangroves. Due to waves swirling the trash around the roots at high tide, trash like ropes, plastic bags, plastic strings etc. are being entangled horribly at the roots, making trash was very hard to remove. Much patience was needed, as the removal of the entangled trash was a delicate process to minimize damage to the roots. With a total of ~700Kg of trash, the clean-up ended with a happy feeling that I had a part in making the world a better place and further reinforce the notion to never litter. – Sim Wee, Yr. 2, Dip Vet

The group of 20 students and staff tired, but satisfied at the end of the day. They collected more than 700kg of rubbish at the end of the day.

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