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  • Not branded sneakers but a simple pair of slippers

    Not branded sneakers but a simple pair of slippers

    01 Oct 2013

    Kindness personified. As I sat down with one of our Hospitality and Tourism Management lecturers Grace Chia for an interview, I can see kindness in her eyes and warmth in her broad smile. 

    School of Business

  • A Date With The Fairy Godmother

    A Date With The Fairy Godmother

    21 Aug 2013

    “Hi, welcome to Sugarloaf!” the maître’d who identified herself as Ling Sin Yee, greeted me as I waited to enter the cafe. The moment I set foot into the premises, a flurry of activities blinded me.

    School of Business

  • “When Mickey Mouse kissed me……..”

    “When Mickey Mouse kissed me……..”

    10 Apr 2013

    When you think of Mickey Mouse, a huge smile normally breaks out on your face.

    School of Business

  • Frolicking through the Four Seasons

    24 May 2011

    We know of students who had interesting Overseas Internship Programmes before. But when I heard about what students from the Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management (HTM) had the chance to do, my jaw dropped.

    School of Business

  • A Closer Look: Housekeeping

    13 Jan 2011

    A recent chat with our very own Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM) course manager yielded an interesting fact: that the housekeeping unit is THE fast track to climbing that corporate ladder in the hospitality industry.

    School of Business

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