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  • $1 then, $5 today….say whuttt!

    $1 then, $5 today….say whuttt!

    07 May 2014

    What does $1 get you these days? A cup of coffee? A loaf of bread? No way!

    I don’t know about you but I can barely think of anything that costs me $1 (or less) these days. Even my routine lunchtime (homemade) Ice Lemon Tea at the coffee shop costs me $1.40!

    School of Design

  • IMD-VSC Study Trip to Seoul

    IMD-VSC Study Trip to Seoul

    17 Jul 2012

    For the first time, students from the Diploma in Interactive Media Design and the Diploma in Visual Communications shared a study trip abroad.

    School of Design

  • TP bags a new design for NDP2012

    TP bags a new design for NDP2012

    28 Jun 2012

    Fuelled by endless cups of kopi and long, soul-searching chats late into the night, buzzed by WhatsApp in all hours of the day, nine student designers from the Diplomas in Product & Industrial Design and Visual Communication worked together to create this year’s Fun Pack for the National Day Parade 2012.

    School of Design

  • Pandora’s Pulau Ubin Photo Exhibition – a Gift from the Gifted

    05 Jun 2011

    She’s an unassuming young girl who just graduated from TP with a Diploma in Visual Communications (Photography Major). And before we talk about why we’re featuring her – yes, her name really is Pandora.

    School of Design

  • Julian Yeo – “Never Give Up”

    29 Apr 2011

    Graduation is soon upon us, and over the past few months we’ve actually been speaking with several graduating students to hear not just their thoughts on graduation, but also their story as a student of TP.

    School of Design

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