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  • Overcoming Fear of the Unknown

    Overcoming Fear of the Unknown

    13 Jun 2016

    What is Man’s greatest fear?  Ask Saifuddin, and he would say it’s the fear of the unknown.  Venturing into Poly life, he confronted and conquered his fear of what laid ahead.  Find out if he did it.

    School of Engineering

  • A Rewarding Experience @ TP

    A Rewarding Experience @ TP

    07 Mar 2016

    An education at Temasek Poly doesn’t just give you a diploma; it moulds you into a well-rounded individual, a leader, a sportsperson and an achiever for life.  Find out how, from this heart-warming account by our former student…

    School of Engineering

  • Our “Street Fighter X Megaman” Designer

    Our “Street Fighter X Megaman” Designer

    30 Mar 2013

    From recreational gamer to professional game developer – that was Seow Zong Hui’s sonic journey to success.  Check out the secret of his phenomenal rise to stardom…

    School of Engineering

  • Reflections at St. Luke’s

    Reflections at St. Luke’s

    30 Mar 2013

    Working with the elderly, anyone?  Hey, it’s not so daunting after all, said Amanda Ong who spent 4 days at various elderly care centres during her internship.  Check out her experience…

    School of Engineering

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