Douglas Tay Jie Wen, Top Graduate of the Diploma in Biotechnology (Class of 2015)

“Ask, and you will understand.”

Top Graduate of the Diploma in Biotechnology (Class of 2015) Douglas Tay Jie Wen Reveals His Strategy For Academic Success.

I believe that there isn’t a study method which is universally effective for everybody. Personally, I tend to do my revision the day before a test or exam because I find that I would be able to remember better. However, this would not be possible if I did not understand the content. Therefore, I feel that clarifying your doubts and understanding the things which are taught are two important factors to doing well academically. I would advise students to attend lectures, as that is the time when complex concepts are broken down into simpler parts by lecturers who are knowledgeable in the subjects. Do not underestimate the power of being present, and listening actively!

The Diploma in Biotechnology has allowed me to gain knowledge in various fields of biology which would be relevant and applicable in research labs. I have been accepted by NTU (School of Biological Sciences, 2nd year). In future, my dream is to become a lecturer at a tertiary institution. I feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when I help others to understand new things!

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