E + E: The internship adventures of Elaine and Eve

The following blog post was written by Elaine Tan and Eve Lock, final-year students from the Diploma in Communications & Media Management. This post recounts their internship experience at the Public Service Division’s Communications and Strategic Relations (CSR) cluster. Photo credits: Public Service Division (PSD).

Elaine and Eve’s final reflections
30 Sep 2014

September marked the close of a six-month adventure for final-year Temasek Polytechnic whizzes Elaine Tan and Eve Lock. As interns with the Communications and Strategic Relations (CSR) cluster of the Public Service Division (PSD), the pair spent an invigorating (and exhausting) six months involved in a host of content production projects. Check out the inimitable final-day reflections of these self-described “partners-in-crime.”

Kaboom. Here it is – the last day of my six-month internship with PSD. Though I feel the same as I did on my first day – paperwork panic mixed with a tingling sense of excitement, with a hint of reluctance – I’ve learned so much here, and will leave with many fond memories.

As an intern, I produced content for PSD’s social media platforms, from videos and posters to infographics. These projects took me all over Singapore, visiting many different public agencies and meeting a variety of public officers with interesting stories to share. I’ve seen the inside of Changi Control Tower, woken up at 2am to film the inspection of poultry at Tuas Checkpoint and seen precious, 100-year-old national artefacts. However, it was the public officers’ stories – their passion, words of inspiration and hard work – that left the deepest impression.

“…it was the public officers’ stories – their passion, words of inspiration and hard work – that left the deepest impression.”

Someone once told me that when you’re young, time is all you have to exchange for experience and knowledge. The time I’ve spent at CSR has given me a treasure chest of experiences. It was an eye-opening journey and I had the privilege of working with many talented individuals who were generous with their feedback, motivation and snacks! I’m very grateful for their warmth and helpfulness. They pushed me to expand my knowledge and become better at my work.

Thank you, Temasek Polytechnic, for giving me this internship opportunity. Thank you, PSD colleagues, fellow interns and supervisors, for guiding me and making this internship a memorable one. Finally, here’s a big bear hug for my partner-in-crime, Eve, without whom I wouldn’t have survived! – Elaine Tan


Ever since I was young, I’ve always liked listening to and documenting stories. These simple joys are very much tied to my interest in writing, photography and videography. Through my six-month internship with CSR, I was exposed to many memorable and eye-opening experiences that helped me to become a better story-teller.

The interns at CSR work mainly on content production. This includes video production, event coverage, writing, photography and so on. In a typical week, we may be out on shoots around Singapore or at our desk working on Final Cut Pro or Photoshop. In crafting our stories, we’ve met many inspiring public officers and visited numerous public agencies. We’ve walked on the airport apron, followed an inspection team aboard an empty passenger plane and even viewed protected national artefacts!

One of the memorable projects that we’ve been working on is a video series called P.S. I Love You (http://on.fb.me/1rzJDsL and http://on.fb.me/1rGorBG). It seeks to show the passion that public officers have for serving others. I recall meeting Mdm Faridah Hussain, a Student Health Advisor with the Health Promotion Board. Through our interview, I learned more about her sense of purpose and commitment to the Public Service. I love meeting people who are passionate about their work because they inspire me to try harder.

“I love meeting people who are passionate about their work because they inspire me to try harder.”

I’m also grateful for the opportunity to work with many creative individuals as well as with interns from other tertiary institutions. Here’s a special shout-out to Elaine, my fellow intern and course-mate from Temasek Polytechnic! Together, we’re like Tom and Jerry. We annoy each other, but we get things done. :P

My internship has helped me gain insights into the Public Service and enabled me to grow as a person. Thank you, PSD! – Eve Lock

The Public Service Division (PSD) is the central people agency of the Singapore Public Service. Its work impacts some 139,000 public officers working in 16 Ministries and more than 50 Statutory Boards. To learn more about PSD, visit www.psd.gov.sg and www.facebook.com/PSDSingapore.

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