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*The following post was written by Andrie Tay, Elizabeth Ong, Lee Jing Yi and Wong Jia Yi.

Group photo taken on 10th February 2015 
From left to right: Dr Tan (from MediaTek), Mr Scott Shen (from MediaTek),Wong Jia Yi, Elizabeth Ong, Andrie Tay, Lee Jing Yi, an honourable lecturer from TP and Mr Wee Hian Teck (our project supervisor)

 We are a group of students from Temasek Polytechnic, currently pursuing a Diploma in Early Childhood Studies (ECS). On the 6th to 10th February 2015, we participated in the Local Champions Global Leaders competition organised by SPRING Singapore to commemorate Singapore’s 50th anniversary and won second place in Category C of the Polytechnic level. 

We first came to know about this competition through an email sent to us during July 2014. This competition requires participants to work with an assigned company to tell a story about the its contribution to Singapore’s economy. This sparked our interest since we were starting our Student Internship Programme (SIP) soon, it presented itself as a good opportunity for us to interact with and be exposed to people in the workforce. Also, we want to be part of the celebration and contribute to Singapore’s 50th anniversary. 

Shortly after we signed up, we were informed about our collaborating company ‘MediaTek’ a technological company. We had mixed feelings because we did not have a lot of knowledge in the IT domain. However, after much research, we gained more knowledge about the company and its contribution to Singapore. Being students of ECS, we decided to create a model that will attract both adults and children by incorporating a variety of colours, pictures and comic designs to display the company’s contribution. We also tried to simplify information as much as possible by thinking in the perspective of others who did not have any basic knowledge about the company and the technological terms. 

During the judging presentation, we also decided to incorporate some of the skills that we have learnt in our modules and came up with a role play to start our presentation. Thus, it will serve as a visualisation to help the judges to better understand about the company. 

Along the way, we faced many difficulties especially when it was near submission week, and we had to juggle between schoolwork and the competition. However, these challenges did not put us down. We became more motivated to complete the model and continued to persevere while balancing between our studies as well as this competition. 

It had been a long journey as the whole competition, including preparations, lasted for about a few months. We have learnt many valuable lessons along the way which could not be taught in our daily lectures and tutorials. For example, we learnt to work with people which is important for us as early childhood educators because we have to work with not only children, but also adults. 

We are glad that we participated in this competition because we were able to contribute to this significant event. We would like to show that with determination and hard work anyone can succeed. 

Lastly, throughout this whole process we discovered many things that are closed to our hearts, especially towards HSS and ECS. Singapore and our collaborating company have been working towards helping the people. Thus, tying in with our motto - impacting the lives of children.


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