ECS study trip to Melbourne 23 Sept to 30 Sept 2017

ECS study trip to Melbourne 23 Sept to 30 Sept 2017

22 students visited Victoria Polytechnic, attended workshops conducted by the faculty of the Victoria Polytechnic and visited three day care centres of which two centres were awarded Centres of Excellence. The students have the opportunity to interact with children of different age groups and engage in professional dialogue with the educators and directors of these centres.

Reflections of the student participants

“I was pleasantly surprised by Werribee Children Cenre’s unstructured curriculum where they focus on play and do not have a specific timing to teach a certain subject. The children are free to pick the activity of their interest. Thus the children are able to gain autonomy and make decisions more easily and quickly.” – Clara Ooi, TG202

“I remember two things that a teacher at the centre shared with me. Firstly, it is important to know that every child as different and unique. She told me to observe every child and take note of all their behavioural qualities. Match these qualities and identify their personality type… From these, you can know which child is an introvert or extrovert and from there, you can cater to children’s needs and communicate with them in a safe environment. I am so thankful to have learnt that from the teacher in the school and I would share this with my friends as I think it is a key tool in helping a child reach their maximum potential.”   - J. Harreini, TG205

“I am glad to experience what it was like being a student in Melbourne. I had to wake up at 5am to get ready for the day and had to leave house at 6.15am just to catch the train to Footscray Nicholson campus as we have to report to campus at 8am. The journey was not long however the frequency of the train is not as frequent as the trains we have in Singapore. It was indeed an eye-opener.”  - Ashley Koh, TG205

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