Enseñe a los maestros

That’s Spanish, by the way, for “teach the teachers” (courtesy of Google translate). And while we’re talking about Spanish, here’re some more Spanish-related things you might fancy:

  1. Soccer
  2. Tapas
  3. Chef Roberto Hernandez Sevillano

We’re not gonna talk about item 1. right now (though, yes, Spanish football is awesome). But if you’re like me, and have hardly tried European cuisine, you would have been stoked to be in this room, which is directly related to 2. and 3.

The star of the day is Chef Roberto Hernandez Sevillano:

He was here in TP at the Temasek Culinary Academy to conduct a workshop on creating authentic Spanish tapas.

And then I took a look around. The room was full of professionals – our own lecturers, some guests and students from the Diploma in Culinary & Catering Management. I felt like a lowly mortal surrounded by the Gods of Cooking.

Yes, I know I’m being dramatic. I’m a foodie. I’m a great fan of food. If you can cook great food, you’re a master in my eyes. So, watching food being prepared by a pro, while listening to him talk not just about the preparation, but the history of Spanish Tapas as well? That was awesome.

And yes, I stuffed my face full of Tapas. They were awesome. I’d like to say I wish you were there, but that means less Tapas for me. So, shoo.

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