Foundation Stone of Success

Gorman Wong, who graduated from TP in 2000, took just 2 years get an Hons degree in Building Services Engineering from Northumbria University, UK.  He shares his experience…

Gorman (arrowed) with his Buro Happold colleagues in Edinburgh, Scotland

Do you know of any university that is able to get you direct entry to the final year?  Well, Northumbria University in the UK is one!

Armed with my GBS diploma (then known as IBT), I graduated with an Honours degree from Northumbria University in just 2 years!  How fast can that be right?  It usually takes at least 3, if not 4 years to get an honours degree.  However, thanks to the special arrangement (still available!) between Temasek Polytechnic and Northumbria University, I saved 2 years of my life!

Being given a chance to be exempted for 2 years from the course, I was really worried at the start as I was afraid I could not cope well in school – having directly enrolled into the final year.  But when I started the course, I felt a sense of relief!  Phew, I am so thankful that my diploma gave me the foundation which I needed for university. My Diploma at TP already covered the syllabus that was taught in the first 2 years of university!

After graduating, my Hons degree took me far and wide.  Wanting to gain some global exposure; I worked for 4 years as an Engineer at Buro Happold Ltd – an engineering consultancy firm in Scotland.  There, I managed projects related to building infrastructure and environment.  Afterwards, I got transferred over to Hong Kong to work for another year.

With his wife, Bernice, at Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong

Then, after 5 fruitful years overseas, I decided to return to Singapore to work as home is where the heart is.  My decision to return home was partly upon the orders of “Her Majesty” – my mother. 

The knowledge that I have acquired from TP stills remains relevant until today.  Currently a Senior Mechanical Engineer with DSCO Group Pte Ltd, I supervise building and critical systems engineering projects.  With my diploma from TP, I am able to handle difficult situations and grasp the relevant theory behind each project. 

I am very glad I applied for this GBS diploma course after my O Levels.  This course has not only equipped me with hands-on experience in the designing of buildings, but it has also given me a firm foundation upon which I can build my future.

Flashback: Gorman (arrowed) with his classmates during their Project Show

Just as every building must have a good strong foundation in order to stand firm and withstand the greatest shocks, so also, you should build your future upon a solid diploma that will give you a bright future.

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