Help Me, I’m Lost!

The elderly who find themselves lost outdoors because of their poor memory or dementia, now only need to wear a QR code on their clothes and passers-by who find these lost souls, would be able to notify their next-of-kin by scanning the QR code using a unique Android App, developed by 3 students from the Diploma in Computer Engineering (CEN).  But developing such a suave application was no piece of cake.  Get a picture of the hard work and stress involved, as one of the project team members shares his experience…

I am one of the members who created this mobile application called “Rekindle!” Frankly speaking, Rekindle was our final year Major Project (MP) that my team and I did.  Every final year student in Polytechnic has to do up a MP (Final Year Project) to demonstrate the knowledge/skills learnt over the 3 years in polytechnic.

My team and I spent over 5 months making sure that this application would work and therefore help us achieve an ‘A’ for our MP.  As easy as it may sound, behind the glitzy final product were the failures, hard work and sleepless nights. To make this application work, it wasn’t that easy.  We had to do so much trial and error and troubleshooting to get every component right.  Every single time we got something wrong, we felt like giving up.  And every time it seemed that things were right, something would go wrong. 

Once, my team members had a really bad argument. Neither of us could agree with each other’s opinions. There were so many different ideas and everyone was really discouraged and disappointed…Thankfully, our project supervisor, Mr. Kerk Chong Jin, provided us with the guidance and the motivation to work on.  We have learnt that conflicting ideas are actually productive and can complement one another.

Having spent 5 months of our lives “slaving” on this project, we were glad when November came!  This meant that our Project was going to be over!  We were all super delighted to end this “misery” of doing something over and over again. W e wanted something new to do after all!  After our MP Presentation to the judges (our lecturers), we were very happy and felt a sense of relief.  That amount of excitement can be relative to grabbing a bite after a starving day!

Actually, we were only targeting to complete the project since it was our MP.  But thanks to our supervisor, he encouraged us and pushed us to take part in various national competitions. This meant more pressure and stress… especially in the days just before the competition. We had to do various edits to our app to suit the competition. Yet, we were all so excited, as well as honoured to be able to enter national competitions to represent TP!

My team and I then got short-listed and won various awards, namely Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors’ Award 2015 and ARTS Innovation Challenge 2015. We won the Best Presentation Award and Commendation Award respectively! 

The project team (from left) Eran, Danzel and Guan Ji

We all felt even more accomplished after winning the competitions. It was the first time our “baby” (Rekindle) went out to see the world! Because all of us thought that once MP was over, it will be left alone and no one would bother about it.  Being able to be one of the award holders for it, I felt really proud to be its “father”! 

Without the help of my group members and supervisor, I am sure that I wouldn’t be able to achieve all these.  They were truly the motivation and strength behind the success of our project.  Even in times of disagreement, we continued to do our best and work together as a team.  And finally, a big Thank You to TP too, for giving us this opportunity to take part in the competitions, and of course, for preparing us well for the world of work.

Thank you, TP!

Lim Guan Ji

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