Helping to Make a Difference

The most inspiring of stories happen to, and through, the people around us. Thomas Wee, an engineer of 11 years and also a volunteer at the Rainbow Centre at Margaret Drive, helps autistic children. Dr Yeo Sze Ling lost her sight at the tender age of four, but is now a research scientist with three degrees, including a PhD in mathematics.

It’s stories like theirs that are the focus of radio station 938Live’s They Are Making A Difference series. And this season is especially significant for the final year Broadcast Journalism students from our Diploma in Communications & Media Management (CMM): they produced it.

From 2 to 13 Jan, our students’ radio capsules air on 938Live four times on weekdays at 06.45am, 11.45am, 2.45pm and 8.45pm. These programmes were given as an assignment to them as part of a collaboration between CMM and 938Live.

“We believe it’s our duty to link students to the industry,” said Hazlina Abdul Halim, a lecturer who was involved in the project. She, together with CMM lecturers and representatives from 938Live, evaluated and chose the best 13 capsules to be aired on radio. “It’s very important, especially for our final year students, to get experience in the industry.”

For some of the students, the stories hit close to the heart.

One of the students, Lixin, produced a story on a swimming coach that she knew who helped students with disabilities learn how to swim. “I never knew how passionate he was about what he was doing until I interviewed him,” said Lixin, who added how moved she was when the coach, Victor, broke down at the end of the interview.

Demi, too, produced a story of someone she knew – her dad, in fact, who now is a life coach. “He shares about the rough periods in his life to those who’re considering suicide, and helps to save their lives,” she says with a hint of pride in her eyes.

Other students ending up being heavily impacted by the stories they featured. Leon met with Yvonne Goh, who became a “karang guni” lady to help those in need. “We didn’t know what to expect, but after listening to her story, I felt like I was with her throughout.”

Many of these stories were buried under the hustle and bustle of our “everyday life”. Our students helped to Make a Difference, and in doing so, had a difference made in their lives as well.

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