How To Rear Catfish: Building A Sustainable Community

15 Biotechnology and Veterinary Technology students went on an Overseas Community Programme in Batam as part of their Sustainable Community Development cross-disciplinary module. There, they shared their knowledge on Science and sustainable development with 61 children and teenagers from the Yayasan Radmila Children’s Home. They planned, developed and implemented their community development action plan, helping their young friends to grow vegetables and rear catfish.

Read the musings of one of the students during the planning stage …

Their world, their community, is not far from ours…just 45 minutes away by ferry.

What can we do for and with them and what can we learn from one another?

They want to grow their own vegetables. They need ideas to improve the soil

in their vegetable garden. They want to rear catfish in their fish ponds. 

They want to be a sustainable community. 

How will they use the vegetables and fish? Perhaps….to learn about plants and animals, to reduce their food bills, and to help fund the Home’s expenses. 

They now have good books on Science in their Home library, thanks to Temasek Polytechnic. 

They want Science lessons!  We will teach them composting methods, how to use a microscope, and how to dissect a fish! 

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