Marine Sculpture Competition and Exhibition: Student Reflections

  • 10 Yr. 2 and 3 Vet Students ( Evangeline Lin, Yap Xin Yi, Anna Wee, Tiffany Tseng, Yap Xin, Samantha Khoo, Kenneth Chin, Jacquelyn Tay, Nathania Chan (2IC), Lim ZI Teng (IC))
  • Staff: Samantha Komaran, Terence Tan

Being involved in this Marine Sculpture Recycling Project is a wonderful experience. Not only does it allow us to unleash our creativity and indulge in the unique experience of designing our own sculpture, it gives us the opportunity to help spread awareness of the current threats of the ocean. While working on our sculptures, often we have some curious visitors of the S.E.A aquarium ask us questions. That is when we are able to share a little about our sculpture and the project with the public. Also, it feels great to know that our hard work paid off when the visitors take photographs or complement our sculpture. I am proud to be involved in this meaningful project.
- Evangeline Yap, Yr. 3 Dip VET

Recycling does make a difference. From the collection of materials in our school to the decoration of the shark sculpture in MLP, the whole process opened my eyes to the fact that a great part of the survival of marine life lies in our hands. It is empowering to know that mere students like us can make a difference. The symposium was worth attending. It was uplifting to listen to speakers from different organisations share about their passion for protecting the marine life and the earth. The innovative projects led by schools were interesting as well. I was inspired and it gave me another good reason to be a part of this recycling competition! - Anna Wee, Yr. 3 Dip VET

I have no regrets in taking part with Marine Life Park for the project/competition despite having to burn multiple weekends over the past few months. It has given us the opportunity to showcase our creativity and vision on wildlife conservation. We were able to spread awareness not by a simple article but through our shark sculpture. It really is a great opportunity for the youth community to spread awareness, as we were also able to communicate with the visitors. I even had the chance to teach a little girl and her mother how to make paper/plastic roses. There is a sense of satisfaction when the tourist recognised that we used recycled material to decorate our sculpture.
- Tiffany Tseng, Yr. 3 Dip Vet

This recycling project has been a very meaningful and enjoyable one for me. I learnt the importance of recycling and not wasting through the talks of how our trash can cause harm to marine life and make the sea a very inhabitable place. So instead of throwing away all the things we cannot use anymore in the labs, we reused the materials for making a sculpture to raise awareness for plastic pollution. Through this activity I also bonded with my fellow course mates, learnt teamwork and exercised my creativity. I hope our product will not only be a nice display for SEA aquarium but also remind people on the detriments of plastic pollution. - Nathania Chan, Y2 Dip Vet

It has been a very fruitful experience working on the sculpture at the Marine Life Park (MLP). I get to learn a lot when working with my course mates to come together to produce this themed sculpture. From the discussion all the way to the act of designing the sculpture requires a lot of good communication skills and understanding. I believe that i truly get to understand the importance of recycling during this work. I am very excited to have worked with MLP to come together to promote the spirit of recycling with the conservation and protection of the marine creatures.
- Jacquelyn Tay, Yr. 3 Dip Vet

The team working on their sculpture during World Oceans Day.

Members of public admiring students' work.

The sculpture nearing completion.

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