Our “Street Fighter X Megaman” Designer

Seow Zong Hui “Sonic” was a graduate from the Diploma in Biomedical Informatics & Engineering (2008), now known as Biomedical Engineering, whose gaming passion took him from the humble study room at home to the glitzy heights of stardom.

He’s the creator of “Street Fighter X Megaman” (pronounced “Street Fighter cross Megaman”), a free-to-play crossover version of the famous “Megaman” game series by Capcom. In Zong Hui’s version, Megaman faces off characters from the famous Street Fighter series, including Ryu, Dhalsim and Blanka.

In 2012, renowned game manufacturer Capcom Inc, celebrated the 20th anniversary of “Megaman” and released Zong Hui’s game to the world. Since then, there have been a whopping one million downloads of “Street Fighter X Megaman”. So what started as a “fan-made” project by an amateur gamer, had hit the world by storm.

Megaman X Zong Hui

Journey to success

How did it all happen for Zong Hui?

“I was very lucky.” That was, in a nutshell, Zong Hui’s assessment of his success. An avid gamer himself, Zong Hui was a dedicated Street Fighter player, and befriended many of the other players in the local scene, including gaming group Team.DM (Desperation Move).

In August 2012, Zong Hui followed the group to America to attend a major fighting game competition called EVO, both as a spectator and to cheer on Singaporean contender, Xian. It was there that he got his break.

Capcom had set up an official booth there, and by then, Zong Hui had been working on “Street Fighter X Megaman” for a while. Several times, he approached staff there to speak to them about his project. Each time, the best the staff could offer was “we’ll need to get back to you on that.” But what exactly was he hoping for?

“I wasn’t quite sure what I was expecting either,” he said, “But I was hoping they would feature the game, like how they feature indie-made games from time to time.”

But then, his chance came.

“Christian Svensson walked past and I approached him directly. He passed me his name card and I passed him a copy of the game, which was about 40% done by that time,” Zong Hui recalled.

Svensson was Capcom USA’s Senior Vice-President. Zong Hui had hit the jackpot!

After Zong Hui returned to Singapore, he kept in email correspondence with Svensson and continued to work on his game. Svensson told him that he was in talks with Capcom Japan, and would give feedback on the game as Zong Hui continued to send him updated versions.

The bombshell came in September – Capcom USA would be releasing “Street Fighter X Megaman” as part of their anniversary celebrations!

“It was surreal,” said Zong Hui. He had been hoping for, at most, a feature or a mention, but his game had in fact become the main highlight of Capcom’s celebrations!

Zong Hui (2nd from right) with Capcom staff

Why did he choose Megaman?

Of all the games in the world, why “Megaman”?
“I’ve played almost all the Megaman games, and all the Megaman X games, so I decided to design the levels in “Street Fighter X Megaman” from my experiences with those games,” explained Zong Hui.

Some of Zong Hui’s other artwork

You can follow Zong Hui on Twitter at @SonicZH.

Download “Street Fighter X Megaman” here


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