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Furniture designer Nathan Yong is well-known for his trail-blazing career, and has been credited with nothing less than advancing furniture design and furniture retail standards in Singapore. Having wanted to be a designer since the age of 15, he chose to pursue industrial design at Temasek Polytechnic as he was interested in the forms of products. His aim at the time was ‘to be as famous as Philip Starck’.

That quote is lifted off the first paragraph of the webpage describing President’s Design Award 2008 winner, Nathan Yong.

Here’s a quick question for those of you who’re studying in or studied in Temasek Poly – how well do you know your lecturers? By that I don’t mean stuff like, “Is she married? Does she have kids?” (though that would be interesting to know, yes). More like their background, their experience, the works they’ve, well, worked on.

‘Cuz this is what Nathan Yong has worked on – http://www.nathanyongdesign.com/site/index.php/category/works

Yes, lecturer. Nathan’s currently an adjunct lecturer (one who works part-time) with the Temasek Polytechnic Design School, teaching in the Diploma in Product and Industrial Design. Which is, incidentally, the same diploma he graduated from.

When I was first informed of his teaching stint in TP, I did a quick, casual search on Google to find out more about his works. Let’s just say it wasn’t a difficult task by any means. He’s like a superstar. It was thrilling to read more and more about him on the web. I couldn’t stop thinking, “This guy TEACHES at TP.”

Presiden Design Award 2008. Red Dot Concept Design Award 2006 AND 2007. Furniture houses all over the world have used his designs. Sits on the International Furniture Design Advisory Panel of the Singapore Furnitures Industries Council (no, I didn’t know there was such a council either). Interviews with him, everywhere, together with pictures of his furniture designs. Go ahead, search for him yourself. =D

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