Science Buskers 2015: Student Reflections

  • 3 Yr. 3 Vet Students ( Arabel Yap, Teng Kai Qi and Lee Rui Xue)
  • Staff: Samantha Komaran, Terence Tan

The Science Buskers competition is a platform to showcase an individuals’ creativity through the wonderful expression of science. As we have discovered, it not just about demonstration of experiments, but rather incorporating them into a storyline to make it fun, thrilling and entertaining, especially to those whom have never seen the tricks we’ve used. Initially, we had some uncertainties and doubts about joining this competition. However after we got more into the act, the props and the show, it became more enjoyable.

To practice, we performed to our classmates and peers from other courses to gain confidence and obtain feedback so we could improve ourselves. It has been an adventure and we feel we’ve come a long way from where we began. Participating in this event has given us invaluable knowledge and experience with performing in front of a big crowd of people. No doubt, it has also boosted our self-confidence and ability to interact with others. We are very enthusiastic and look forward to our final competition performance at vivo city. – Arabel Yap Yr. 3 Dip Vet

Team Aquabis in the audition round of Science buskers 2015 at the Singapore Science Center. (Left) A victory group shot. (Right) The Aquabis girls interacting with one of the judges during their performance at their auditions.


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