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We’re fast approaching the Design Show 2011, where the graduating cohort of the Temasek Polytechnic School of Design get to showcase their works to the whole of Singapore. At Vivocity, no less.

Actually, it’s precisely because it’s at Vivocity that TP’s very excited about the event. We are literally showing off the calibre of our students, whose works will represent their talent, hard work and 3 years of education in Temasek Polytechnic.

A number of us have also been busy visiting the Design school, bugging lecturers to show us what their students have done ahead of the show. The projects are remarkably diverse – not just from course to course but especially diverse within each course. Each and every designer strove to express their own unique sense of style, taste and inspiration.

Visiting the students from Apparel Design & Merchandising (ADM) students, in particular, put a grin on my face the entire time.

So here’s the thing about our Design Students in general. It’s typically not difficult to tell you’re from the Design School in TP (especially by year 3). They’re not the ones wearing slippers, t-shirts and shorts. They’re the ones with hair colour you can see from across the plaza, wearing clothes and accessories that make you pause and turn when you walk past them. They’re bold and they’re expressive.

ADM students are, in many ways, the image of the classic TP Design student (hence my constant grin). Even as I glanced through the graduating cohort, who were in school for a briefing, I could see several striking styles already. Dolly-hair cut with a slanted fringe, sensible clothes matched with bright shoes – and this was a “casual” day for them.

The 2 Sides of ADM

ADM students are split into 2 specializations: Fashion Design & Merchandising, which is where all the budding fashion designers are at:

The second specialization is Retail & Visual Merchandising, where those who are interested in the business end of fashion are at. For the ADM project showcase, they design the stores and themes for the designers’ fashion labels.

The Inspiration
We spoke to many students there, including Shahnaz designer of the first piece on top of this blog post. She designed a mother-daughter label inspired by Amelia Eartheart, and showed us her little book of sketches and inspiration.

It. Was. Impressive. Not just what she did, but what all the ADM students did. Not a single student who spoke about their work had nothing to say. And you know what? Each of them not just held the mark of an ADM student, but also the mark of a Temasek Polytechnic student. They were vibrant, enthusiastic and energetic.

We will definitely miss them.

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