The 987FM Radio Star – Fulfilling a Dream

Some time ago, 987FM came to TP to audition students for the Radio Star competition. Our students met the DJs, queued and went for the try-outs. And of the Top 8, 3 of them were TP students! Rushdy (you know him better as ZunnyD of TPTV), Rachel and Karen – all students from our Diploma in Communications & Media Management – got through.

For some, it was a chance to meet their favourite DJs. For some others, it was to fulfill a dream.

Those who tuned in on Monday 10 September for the first round of eliminations were greeted with a 1-minute soundbite from the 8 finalists, and listener & judges voted, eliminating two (temporarily, but more on that later) from the competition. Unfortunately, one of our hopefuls, Karen, was among those eliminated.

But that also meant of the top 6, we still have two of our students up for the running, and we couldn’t be more excited! But they need our help, and we’re here to rally it.

Tomorrow at 4.30pm, the Muttons on the Move will be once again getting the finalists to go on air for another round of eliminations, and once again votes from the public will be tallied. Though listener votes count for 30% and the judges’ count for 70%, there are a lot more listeners than judges, so we still count for a lot!

Here’s what we need to do:

We’ve heard them on the air, and you might think we’re biased, but they seriously sound fantastic, both in voice-quality and radio-personality. It’s not yet over for Karen, either. On Monday, the judges will announce not just their next two eliminated contestants, but also their wild card choice: of the 4 eliminated contestants, one will be brought back to the competition.

So tell all your friends! We’re in the business of fulfilling dreams, here in TP, so let’s throw our backs to support those so close to their dreams.

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