TP April Fools’ Joke 2012 – The TP Uniform

Alright Singapore, we confess: the TP Uniform prank was an April Fools’ Joke, and our most elaborate one yet. No, we’re definitely not implementing any uniforms at all, and most certainly not those gaudy red-and-white monstrosities.

We started playing April Fools’ jokes in 2010, where we claimed that TP was flooding. Last year, we “announced” that TP would be extending our course durations from 3 to 5 years.

We were very encouraged by the responses we got both times – our students clearly had a great sense of humour. So we decided to take it a step further this year. Well quite a few steps further, in fact.

And to quote a student who fell for our little prank, it seems that we didn’t just end up “trolling our students”, we “trolled a nation”. And it all started with one image.

Some our students – co-conspirators, if you will – leaked the above image on Twitter on Tuesday and Wednesday night. This caught people’s attention, but many just thought that the image was a random joke and left it as that.

That was until Thursday night, when the fake “Temasek Polytechnic Uniform website” was “leaked” as well.

In just 2 hours, the images spread through the Twitterverse like wildfire, and we even trended 3 different phrases on Twitter at one point. Close to 5 tweets a second were appearing on Twitter on the new “TP Uniform”. Not once did TP promote this webpage online.

From just 2 tweets, our prank had gone viral. By the end of April Fools’, over 65,000 people would view our “announcement” video. At the time of this blog post, the view count stands at 82,000 views. To put this number into context, we have a total of about 20,000 students AND staff in TP.

The TP Uniforms had gone viral.

Here’re some other quick facts about the prank you might find interesting:

TP Uniform Webpage

On Thursday, the webpage leak solicited retweets from many heavyweights in the Twitterverse, including @mrbrown, @BB_See and @fakeMOE.
It’s stated Student Unity & School Identity committee was formed in 1986. Temasek Polytechnic, however, was only established in 1990. Also, “Pinafore” is misspelled as “Pinafold”.
None of the links on the Copyright & Terms of Use-bar at the very bottom of the page work.
The webpage resides on this blog’s server, not our official website at – in fact, not a single mention of our uniform is made on our corporate website.
We got STOMPed on Friday, our first of 2 STOMP appearances. And no, we didn’t STOMP ourselves.
TP Uniform “Announcement” Video

The video is an effort by the TemasekPolyTV crew, and actually resides on the TPTV channel.
At 2:12, the text “01042012ROFL” can be seen next to Abdul Rahman.
At the beginning of the video, Mary Thomas mentions that the committee was formed last year, even though the website claims that it was formed in 1986.
This video also got us STOMPed.
Within 24 hours, more than 65,000 have watched the video.

But why did we do it?

Well yes, we did want to troll everyone. When the suggestion first hit the floor, you could see everyone light up, an evil grin slowly appearing on their faces.

But what was particularly fascinating, and we know this from experience, is how closely we value something as simple as wearing our own clothes to school. It’s part of our identity as polytechnic students, as TP students. It’s a statement of liberty, even, that we choose what we want to wear.

And our students didn’t disappoint us – you were shocked, bewildered and flabbergasted that something like this would even be suggested. Then you saw the uniforms, and how hideous they were. You compared them to fast food restaurants and children’s drawings, and even those who claimed to know it was an April Fools’ joke secretly were afraid that it would be really implemented.

And this entire time, you exemplified the one thing we wanted bring out – that you were strongly believed in your way of life, and you were willing to speak up for it. Then when you saw it all revealed, you laughed… and then grabbed your pitchforks.

Well played, ladies and gentlemen, well played. We couldn’t have asked for a better student body to prank, because you couldn’t have made us prouder. So yes, it’s all a hoax – you can go back to liking us again. Err. Right guys?

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