Designing her win around Singaporeans love for food

Remembering the Iconic
by Kavitha Sundralingam

Ask any Singaporean about food, and they’ll agree that it is a significant part of our culture. Food plays an important role in our social lives; it not only unites people, but also breaks down cultural barriers. That’s how Year 2 Communication Design (CMD) student Hee Ruo Ting, with the help of her course mate Joylene Chai, was inspired to create a piece on local food.

Ruo Ting’s creative theme ‘Katong Laksa,’ won the 2018 Spikes Asia’s Student Creative Award for Print. She knew that food would appeal to Singaporeans, and decided to raise awareness on the preservation of certain dishes. Katong Laksa stood relevant from the pioneers to the millennials, and brought about various emotions from the different age groups.

Facing some challenges during her ideation process, Ruo Ting started off by focusing on the colours and nostalgia of Singapore, which eventually led to the topic of food.

Through trial and error, she was determined to craft a piece that would connect strongly with her audience.

“No idea is too crazy to achieve. You just have to keep trying until you are satisfied with what you have,” Ruo Ting said.

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