A (Cam)bridge too far? Not for Jared!

The Road to Cambridge
by Murugesh K Verlachamy

Just ask anyone about the University of Cambridge and they would tell you just how prestigious, and how hard, it is to gain admission there.

So when we heard that one of TP’s top Law & Management alumnus, Jared Kang, is pursuing his degree at the university’s world-renowned law faculty, we got in touch with him to uncover his remarkable journey to Cambridge.

A proud recipient of the Lee Kong Chian Award upon his graduation in 2014, Jared’s outstanding academic achievements also secured him the coveted Public Service Commission for the Singapore Government Scholarship (open).

It was through this scholarship that our budding legal maverick secured his spot in one of the most esteemed educational institutions in the world.

“The interview for my admission was in Singapore, and was conducted by a retired fellow from the University. There was also a 2-hour test, consisting of 2 essays, which we had to sit for,” shared Jared.

A naturally talented orator, he aced the interview along with the tests and was accepted into Cambridge.

“It was a surreal feeling knowing I had made it through!”

Not content to rest on his laurels, Jared was determined to make a splash in the law faculty and took part in various moot competitions – a mock judicial proceeding that is set up to examine hypothetical cases.

“I really enjoy taking part in moots. It equips us with valuable skills, exposing us to the realities and challenges of presenting a case in the courtroom,” he said.

His natural wit and a firm grasp of the law has already seen him pick up impressive first-place wins in prestigious moot competitions, such as the FTB Kingsland Cup, Rajah & Tann UK moot and Brick Court Chambers Team Moot.

To top it off, Jared is also the Vice Editor-in-Chief of the illustrious Cambridge Law Review, a position he attained while only in his second year of studies.
Jared is set to graduate in July 2019 and with all the right skills to become one of Singapore’s top legal eagles, he is certainly someone we’ll be hearing a lot of in the future.

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