A first in Singapore: Making Light Work Beyond Illumination

Making Light Work Beyond Illumination
by Vimala Christie

Students staying in Singapore’s hostels or boarding schools would normally have to report to their lecturer’s apartment within a stipulated time for attendance taking. 

Not anymore in TP! Now, students who are residing at two apartment blocks at GCV only need to hold their registered handphones under the hall light within their own apartments to complete their nightly roll call exercise, thanks to an innovation by their peers. 

A first for any hostel or boarding school in Singapore, the same process is also employed for inventory checking and fault reporting, thereby reducing time and inconvenience to both lecturers and students.

The students behind this brilliant idea - Chua Yun Xuan, Jaspreet Kaur Narwal and Lim Wei Qi, from the Diploma in Integrated Facility Management (IFM), and Lim Kian Ley Zacus, Reuben Isaac Mahandran, Muhammad Hazim Bin Abdul Rahim and Kendrick Lee Quan from the Diploma in Infocomm & Network Engineering (INE) – combined their expertise to create a unique system that marries a mobile app and Philips’ VLC technology, called MINESpace.

MINESpace originally started out as an entry idea from the all-female IFM group in the joint TP and Philips Lighting student competition, Light Beyond Illumination: The Smart Campus Edition. The trio eventually emerged as one of the top two teams in the competition. 

For their achievement, they were rewarded with a trip to the Philips’ headquarters in Amsterdam. 

“Before the competition, lighting was nothing other than an extension of a day. However, it all changed after going on my learning journey in the Netherlands and completing my internship with Philips Lighting Singapore. To me now, light is a tool that will change the near future,” said Jaspreet Kaur. 

“It has been an interesting journey for both the lecturers and students. We learnt from our partners and, at the same time, explored boundaries across different disciplines within the campus in order for ideas to be materialised,” shared Joanne Koh, IFM’s course manager. 

“It’s not often that an occupant of a building is given such opportunity to re-work and improve processes, and we are even more proud when this has been achieved by our own students.”

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