A love story that’ll tug your heartstrings

In Love and War: Behind the Scenes
by Kavitha Sundralingam

TP’s Digital Film & Television (DFT) students produced five short films for the Young Creators Project, a talent development initiative by MediaCorp.

There was one that clearly stood out.

Nina Boboi (available on Toggle), was the brainchild of Victoria Elizabeth Scully and her team. The story depicts a Eurasian kampong girl who falls in love with a British man during World War II. When bombs hit Singapore, their village and family is thrown into a period of uncertainty and distrust. Her husband seemingly abandons her and their unborn daughter to flee to safety. When the dust settled, a man who shows up at her door teaches her what the true meaning of home is.

“My great-grandparents were the inspiration behind the story. A simple kampong girl and a well-to-do British man who met before World War II – it’s like something out of a movie,” said our 2018 graduate.

Using props and extensive location scouting, the team successfully overcame their biggest challenge of replicating a 1940s kampong. Next on their list was nailing down the perfect cast.

“Not only did the main characters have to be Eurasian and British, they also had to look a certain way and be able to speak the language well enough. Thankfully we managed to find Krissy, our main lead. She actually spent a whole day with my grandmother to learn the lingo!”

Victoria believes that hard work pays off when your purpose is clear.

“You'll make mistakes and some things will go wrong. There's no avoiding it. However, you just need to keep your eye on the prize. If something happens, freak out for five minutes and then settle down and ask yourself what you can do to improve the situation,” said Victoria.

“At the end of the day, you might be tired, but remember, it’s YOUR story. You did it and you should be proud of yourself.”

*The Young Creators Project aims to provide budding content creators with resources and skills needed to bring their aspiring ideas to life. This includes funding support, mentorship by industry experts, as well as access to production resources such as filming equipment, studio facilities and props.