Do What You Love: The Alumni Series (Yvonne Ng)

Yvonne Ng

Academy Award-winning film-maker, commercial photographer, visual artist

Diploma in Visual Communication (now known as Communication Design)


Sharing good company with the likes of Spike Lee, John Lasseter and Robert Zemeckis, Singaporean and School of Design alumnus Yvonne Ng joins the list of young promising film directors to win the Student Academy Award for her short film Cloud Kumo. Now based in New York, Yvonne graduated from TP School of Design with a Diploma in Visual Communication. Today, she continues to do what she loves – telling powerful stories through film and photography.


What was the best part of your time at TPDES? What’s your fondest memory?

My journey in TP Design School has been wonderful. All the lessons were geared towards creativity and honing our skills as visual artists. The critique sessions are one of my fondest memories. None of the lecturers minced their views and it can certainly bruise your ego pretty badly but it also forces you to develop into a much better artist and learn to accept criticism without being personal.


What’s the most important lesson you learned here in TP Design School?

Art is very subjective. Just because no one admires your work doesn't mean it is bad.


What’re the key motivations for your current pursuits?

I think the motivation for most artists to pursue the work we do is the urgent need to express something from within.


What do you love most about design?

It has the power to transform the mindset of a person, a society, the world.


What do you love most about your work?

It can influence other people.


How would you make the world a better place through the work you do?

Continue to share ideals that are based on the respect and dignity of life.


Any message for current Design students or those wanting to pursue design?

Keep doing what you love. Learn to filter criticisms. Listen to your inner voice. Ultimately it is your project.


The “Do What You Love” series of short interviews showcases the love that students, lecturers, alumni from the School of Design have for design and where this love is taking them in life through the discovery of new skills, new opportunities, new careers and life-paths.


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