An Open Letter To Students Applying to Early Childhood Courses at the Polytechnics

Thank you for considering being an early childhood teacher. 

You’ll be on an awesome journey that’s full of joy and laughter as you work with young children.

You’ll be a major part of their world, there for many firsts in their lives.

You may also face heartache when you encounter children at risk or with special needs.

But your job is to always see potential and hope, to help each and every child bloom and grow. VERY FEW JOBS DESERVE MORE RESPECT. 

What’s more, you’ll be joining a growing sector with a promising future!  More kindergartens and mega-childcare centres are coming up. There is also an increased focus on raising the quality of early childhood education in Singapore. All this means that there will be good career prospects, lots of training opportunities and very competitive salaries. 

And we’ll do our best to train you to be good teachers.

No, you’ll not be a babysitter. You’ll be given professional training to know the depths of child development. You’ll discover the value of play and make room for it. You’ll go on overseas trips to learn about interesting childcare practices across the world. 

Now what do we look for in you?

A natural love for children, of course. An aptitude to build good social skills and values. The ability to fan the flames of learning in young hearts and minds. Plus a caring personality and positive attitude! 

And here’s something really cool: If you successfully apply to any of the three Early Childhood diploma courses* in the Early Admissions Exercise, you are automatically offered the ECDA Training Award** worth up to $40,000.  It covers your course fees, plus an $800 monthly allowance! 

A passion to shape young minds is a great talent. But greatness is not what you have; it is what you give. Let us help you realise your potential.

Take a look at this video 

*The 3 diplomas courses are: Early Childhood Education (Ngee Ann Polytechnic), Child Psychology & Early Education (Ngee Ann Polytechnic), Early Childhood Studies (Temasek Polytechnic)

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