Another national player in our midst

Ajay Singh Shergill

Excelling in Both Studies and Sports
by Ashraf Aris

Tall, trim and toned, not many will raise an eyebrow upon learning that Ajay Singh Shergill is an avid sportsperson.

Volleyball is the sport of choice for this first year student in TP’s Aerospace Engineering diploma course.

“I discovered my passion for volleyball at St Hilda’s Secondary School, where I eventually became the captain of the school team,” Ajay said.

In 2016, Ajay represented Singapore in the ASEAN School Games and played a major role during the team’s bronze-winning run.

“It happened to be the first time that a Singapore volleyball team won a medal in this competition, so it’s definitely one of my proudest moments to date,” said Ajay.

Last year, Ajay unsurprisingly attended, and was successful, in the TP’s men’s volleyball team selections.

He believes his experience playing in international games with the national youth team, as well as leading the combined secondary schools team as captain put him in good stead. Not long after he made the cut, he was selected to become TP’s vice-captain.

“Leadership is all about setting the right example,” Ajay shared.

“A good leader is an individual who never believes that he is always right but is open to his teammates’ opinions that can help the team improve. He is also someone who turns into the pillar of support for others during the tough times.”

Wise words from this young man who walks the talk.

“Between studies, and training sessions with both the national and TP teams, there are times when it can be challenging to cope,” he said.

“Time management is key. For example, on some days when school ends late and training is from 7 pm to 10:30 pm, I will revise my notes in the bus on the way home and ensure that I spend at least an hour on schoolwork, before heading to bed.”

Despite a hectic schedule, Ajay’s doing well in his studies, with a current GPA of 3.9.

“Maintaining my GPA is a priority. After I graduate, I hope to enrol in a local university before embarking on a career in the aerospace industry,” Ajay said.

With regards to volleyball, Ajay had this to say:

“It’s my dream to win the volleyball competition in the upcoming IVP Games with TP. And, I hope that I will be able to represent Singapore in the next SEA Games too!”

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