Do What You Love: The Alumni Series (Dorcas Lum)

Dorcas Lum

Korean government scholarship recipient to Yonsei University, Korea

Diploma in Apparel Design & Merchandising

Dorcas Lum first made waves with her final-year project, a collection of clothes for wheelchair-bound women. In addressing the over-looked need of practical yet stylish clothes for women who were wheelchair-bound, Dorcas’ project drew applause and attention at The Design Show 2016. She has now gone on to clinch a full scholarship from the Korean government to cover her studies at the prestigious Yonsei University in Seoul, one of the top three universities in South Korea.


What’s the most important lesson you learned here in the School of Design?

Believe in yourself. Challenge your creativity; there are endless possibilities when it comes to design. Perseverance and passion are two important things that will keep me going.

What motivates you?

Passion for fashion design to enhance the quality of life.

What do you love most about design?

Individuality. I think that through design, I am able to express my creativity, my taste, think out of the box and explore uncharted waters.

What do you love most about your work?

Brainstorming. I try not to be mainstream. Hence, I tend to put in more effort in brainstorming. I like to create unique masterpieces that I can confidently say, there’s no other design like it.

Why did you choose to do fashion as a course/career?

I love to dress up and I love shopping. Sseeing my sketches come to life brings a satisfaction that very few would understand. I love what I do.

Any message for anyone considering design as a course?

It’s never easy. Although we do not have exams, we have coursework with tight deadlines. But if designing is truly your passion, then don’t stop dreaming even when the going gets tough. Design is not for strawberries. You need to buff yourself up and make yourself tough.


The “Do What You Love” series of short interviews showcases the love that students, lecturers, alumni from the School of Design have for design and where this love is taking them in life through the discovery of new skills, new opportunities, new careers and life-paths.

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