DDB Singapore Launches Equator’s Satellite Office at TP

DDB Worldwide network launches Equator, a global centre of excellence for creative technology and innovation at Temasek Polytechnic. Equator is set to groom the next generation of creative technologists in Singapore and students will benefit from working with industry specialists to create prototype concepts for commercial and community needs.

Equator’s satellite office at TP will provide a platform for authentic, practice-based learning, and foster multi-disciplinary practices among the students as they work with Equator’s staff to create ideas to pioneer digital transformation marketing solutions.

A diverse pool of students from the School of Informatics & IT, School of Design, School of Engineering, and School of Business will serve their internships at the on-campus agency. They will go through a dynamic learning programme, interact with real clients and be mentored by some of Equator’s 50 creative technologists.

“Temasek Polytechnic welcomes this first-of-its-kind collaboration between DDB Worldwide and a tertiary institution in Singapore. It will give our students valuable opportunities for authentic learning as they work in multi-disciplinary teams, on real-life projects, with leading practitioners from the creative industry, right here on our campus. Having access to our 15,000 campus community will also benefit all parties involved, as it can be tapped on to test-bed new ideas and concepts,” said Mr. Peter Lam, Principal & CEO at TP.

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