Engineering students FLEX their learning muscles

Engineering students at some learning activities durnig Flex week

Under Temasek Polytechnic’s new academic structure for new students starting in April 2018, a “Flex” week is factored into the curriculum each semester. During this “Flex” week, there are no formal classes on campus, but the week-long window provides an opportunity for Engineering students to engage in learning activities outside the classroom.

During the “Flex” weeks in May and July 2018, first-year students in the School of Engineering (ENG) took part in skills-based workshops, attended career talks and went on learning journeys by visiting the industry or places of interest which are relevant to their curriculum or their development of life skills, such as the Marina Barrage, the Air Force Museum, ITE College West and Tampines Hub. About 700 students also attended a Micro:bit coding workshop and came off with a set of newfound skills, while first-year ENG students attended a Current Issues & Critical Thinking (CICT) Youth Matters Forum on 16 Jul 2018 to gain a deeper insight into essential issues of the day.

The “Flex” Week, part of the new academic structure introduced in April 2018, complements the stable of TP Fundamentals (or TP Fun, for short) subjects which imbues students with the necessary basic life skills encompassing communication and thinking skills, career readiness, physical wellness, cultural awareness, community and social mindedness, as well as a global perspective.