Engineering students solve problems with their inventions

The BZE students with their “Safe Pram”

Innovative inventions by students from the Diploma in Business Process & Systems Engineering (BZE) won 2 Commendation awards in the annual Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors’ Award competition held on 17 Mar 2018. 

The “Smart Safety Leash” is a pet leash with two auto release mechanisms which will snap open when a pulling force is exerted at either end, allowing the leash to be detached automatically in the event that it gets caught in the lift's door or other contraptions.  This prevents any potential injury to the pet owner holding the leash, as well as the pet. 

The “Safe Pram” is modified perambulator (or pram) that is equipped with gears on both the back wheels which prevent the pram from sliding backwards when going up a slope. The gears automatically snap into place, thereby locking the wheels if it rolls backwards. The gears will not lock when the pram is moving forward.

BZE students are trained not only in engineering principles and business concepts, but also to be innovative and creative.  For more information about the BZE diploma, click here.

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