Engineering staff show their innovative energy

The victorious CERC team (left) and the TMC team from the School of Engineering

Another project, “Novel Microfluidic Device For Droplet-based Molecular Diagnosis”, done by researchers in the School’s Temasek Microelectronics Centre, took the Bronze. This project involves the development of a micro-fluidic device for testing micro-droplets (blood or tissue samples) in order to diagnose and monitor diseases in patients, a process known as “molecular diagnosis”. The device is able to integrate the generation, collection and analysis of micro-droplets into a single chip in an automated process, thereby saving time, cost and manpower.

The annual MOE Innergy Awards competition, as its name suggests, celebrates “innovative energy” and encourages creative contributions that make a positive impact on society. A total of 37 teams comprising staff from schools and tertiary institutions participated in the competition, out of which 16 were short-listed to make a 10-minute presentation to the judging panel in the grand finals. The results were announced on 3 Sep 2019.

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